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The photovoltaics industry is fast paced, constantly evolving and always innovative. And, when it comes to the global PV manufacturers, it is impossible to ignore China. Indeed, the top four crystalline module producers are all based there. With the help of their leading price advantage, they have been growing their businesses over the past few years at such a rate that is has been difficult for competitors from other parts of the world to keep up.
In light of the prominent position of Chinese manufacturers and increasingly the domestic Chinese PV market, especially for large-scale installations, pv magazine created a Chinese version of its international publication in 2011, to help China’s PV professionals gain access to global solar market developments. In addition to its Berlin headquarters, pv magazine China has established a Shanghai office. The goal is to present the very best in photovoltaic technology and solutions from across the world to a Chinese audience throughout Greater China.
Benefiting from pv magazine’s international network and long-standing reputation for objective reporting and in-depth analysis, it offers content in the Chinese language and takes a look at the latest PV-related technological developments. With a specific focus on quality and best practices, it features top players from China and overseas, which are aiming to increase their China-related business.
pv magazine China is published on a quarterly basis and addresses a wide range of issues affecting the Chinese and global PV industry.




September 2013 Issue of pv magazine China

The current issue of pv magazine China has been published on Sep 20th. The following are the main Topics covered in this issue:

Markets & Trends

There are a few important strategies and business models that are being employed in Myanmar at the moment with regards to photovoltaics. pv magazine China takes a look at the different players in the market as well as the opportunities they have to implement solar power in the recently opened economy.

Indonesia solar update
The natural resource rich country has been somewhat slow in its implementation of renewable energy. Recently more funds were promised to the development of new solar projects, especially the off-grid realms. Nevertheless solar is not high on the government’s priority list, having been described as having tougher constraints compared to other power sources. Is there a future for solar in Indonesia?

Emerging market India
India is a promising market, but bottlenecks are still foreseen. Solarbuzz takes a look at the current market situation and its development.

It took years, but now it seems the Turkish PV market is moving forward. In June the licensing process for bigger project begins and there are already several GW in project pipelines. pv magazine China heads to Turkey for a closer look.

Saudi Arabian market
Saudi Arabia may be a newcomer to renewable energy but the oil-rich nation has moved to the forefront in the MENA region’s solar power efforts with plans to build a major new PV plant in the city of Makkah. The country is also stepping up domestic production of polysilicon and solar wafers for the production of solar panels.

Latin America poised for growth
Latin America has the market fundamentals that make it an interesting destination for PV players around the world. Over the past few years, Brazil, Mexico and Chile have all gradually revealed their great potential to lead solar development in the region. pv magazine China brings the latest insight from Latin America.


Industry & Suppliers

OEM for Japan
Chinese modules are bound for Japan. BNEF forecast that the Japanese PV market may reach around 9 GW for 2013. With this rapid growth there’s room for a host of suppliers. But does the Japanese preference for domestically made modules and high quality allow for Chinese manufacturers to supply the booming market? Certainly Canadian Solar appears to have made major inroads with over 20% of its Q1 2013 production supplying Japan. pv magazine China reports on OEM possibilities across the Sea of Japan.

Development PV industry
The headlines haunting the solar industry of late have been all but positive, especially that of module manufacturers. A new qualitative study in Germany and China highlights what is really going on with a special focus on the insecurity plaguing the sector at the moment.

Integrated business model
Burkhard Wehefritz, Director Sales Development Department at Schmid Silicon Technology (SST), explains how Schmid’s integrated business model “Polysilicon to Power” can quickly make solar power production profitable, especially in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

Logistics and supply chain
As margins in the solar industry remain under pressure and consolidation gathers pace, companies are looking even harder for ways to cut costs. Aside from technical specifications and labor costs, experts claim there are huge savings to be made in solar equipment logistics and after sale service, especially as traditional business modules are eroded by bankruptcies, mergers and more sales directly to end-users as manufacturers go downstream.


Applications & Installations

Innovations in installation
Being the foundation of every good photovoltaic system, mounting systems have gotten more innovative and at the same time, offer more cost-savings with smarter material usage.

New trends in micro inverters
How big of a market share do micro inverters have? After the initial hype, things have been quiet for this segment. pv magazine China examines the status of micro inverters, their popularity in the PV sector and whether they are really economical.

Trust no manufacturer test
Although many module manufactures advocate PID-resistant modules, potential induced degradation (PID) still remains as a problem. Three PV experts explain why not all manufacturer tests can be trusted and how the effects can be detected and reduced.

Looking into the future
Electroluminescence is without a doubt en vogue. But there is still some debate over what the method actually reveals and how the images should be interpreted. pv magazine China presents typical module defects revealed by electroluminescence imaging.


Research & Development

Interview with Martin Green
One of the most well-known pioneers of solar cells talks to pv magazine China about the latest trends in PV innovation and the direction research and development is heading.

Contents 03/2013

Markets & Trends

6 News
14 Myanmar: The government support for PV is lackluster, but is there a flicker of hope still?
18 Indonesia: The race to increase electrification rates with solar power.
22 Saudi Arabia: Recommendations have come from the industry since the release of the white paper. What are the next steps?
24 Turkey: PV starts picking up.
26 Uruguay: Solar energy tender provide good potential for solar energy.


Industry & Suppliers

28 Japan: The solar boom holds many promises. But foreign players may not have it all that easy.
32 Metrology: CEO of Wavelabs, Torsten Brammer, and Christian Leers of Accelios Solar report on the challenges of replacing Xenon lamps in simulators with LED technology.
37 Integrated business model: Burkhard Wehefritz from Schmid Silicon Technology (SST) talks about the optimal business model.
40 Logistics and supply chain: Optimizing equipment logistics and after sale services.


Applications & Installations

44 Microinverters: Microinverters dominate the U.S. residential solar market.
48 Mounting systems: New solutions and innovations on the installation front.
51 PID: Drei Testexperten erläutern, warum nicht allen Prüfungen zur potenzialianduzierten Degradation zu trauen ist, wie der Effekt detektiert und reduziert wird
57 EL: Es ist nicht möglich, alle Module eines Solarparks vor der Installation zu testen. Bei der Vereinbarung von Stichprobenumfang und Akzeptanzniveau mit Modul Herstellern hilft eine Norm
63 Products news


Research & Development

70 Interview: Solar guru Martin Green talks about super-charged silicon.


Financial & Legal Affairs

72 Trade case EU-China: The trade war storm seems to have died down. But how much damage has been done and will more come?



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79 Advertisement overview

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