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14 July 2015 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | Comment now

Can Yingli serve its financial obligations?

Did Yingli halt module production? No, says Yingli and posts a 240 MWp shipment to Chile. The ongoing discussion about Yingli’s future follows on the heels of both Suntech’s and LDK’s bankruptcies; some see Hanergy as "the Enron of Solar." Or is the financial trouble of Yingli just one more sign of a lack of competitiveness in the Chinese solar industry?

23 April 2015 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | 4 comments

See you in China?

The pv magazine and Solarpraxis team is off to Shanghai on Friday (April 24) for SNEC. This show is for Asia what the Intersolar Europe in Munich is for Germany. Both events also compete intensely for the title of "largest solar trade fair in the world."

13 April 2015 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | Comment now

Trade barriers must go

The trade row between the European Union and China over photovoltaics has entered a new round. Follow-on regulations for the high-profile issue of minimum price agreements for modules, cells and wafers have to be decided by December 7, 2015, at the latest. Concurrently, customs duties for polysilicon and soldering pastes are also due for revision. These affect exports to China from companies like Wacker Chemicals and Heraeus.

27 October 2014 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | 3 comments

Lost in the desert

Karl-Heinz Remmers examines the magnificent failure of the Desertec Industrial Initiative and makes the case that arrogance, stupidity and the inability to grasp the concept of decentralized energy led to the fiasco.

12 August 2014 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | Comment now

The future of SMA: An analysis

Karl-Heinz Remmers examines leading German inverter manufacturer SMA and its global prospects amidst plunging inverter prices and growing competition.

05 August 2014 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | One comment

A call to action: The need for a global solar alliance

Karl-Heinz Remmers makes the case for a powerful global solar alliance to meet ambitious goals, represent common interests, solve international conflicts and act as a bulwark against dominant rival industries and political foes.

28 January 2014 | Karl-Heinz Remmers | Comment now

Europe's X-GW plant vs Germany's proposed renewable energy act reform

Karl-Heinz Remmers examines the dichotomy of France's vision of a grand Franco-German PV alliance and the German government's proposed revamp of the country's Renewable Energy Act.

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