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pv magazine spoke to a number of experts to see what they expected from Intersolar Europe 2012. We also received a plethora of new product announcements, which were presented at the event. Scroll down, or click on the links below to find out more!

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Professor Martin Green

Martin Green

"What I like about these exhibitions is the new equipment. I’ve just come from SNEC and some of the equipment capable of higher throughputs and so-on is really quite exciting, because it points to lower costs. The size of ingots being cast is growing quickly, but there’s no real reason they can’t keep growing, so just delivering lower and lower costs for the mainstream c-Si technology in the future. So US$0.50/W may only be a few years away, and there is ongoing potential for cost reduction below that."

Paula Mints, Navigant Consulting

Paula Mints

Top trends? Survival, the hunt for new (or basically rediscovered markets). There is a good deal of interest in off grid markets.

Interesting products? All solar is interesting to me, as is all solar technology development. Given the time and money it takes to increase efficiency and lower manufacturing costs ... let's just say that getting to commercial scale takes great faith in what you are doing and no small degree of courage.

Companies to watch? Given the current challenges they are all worth watching.

Ralf Ott
, Rödl & Partner

Top trends? Grid parity (and LCOE); self consumption; energy storage and energy management (generation and demand-side, grid stability).

Interesting products? Energy management systems with integrated storage and grid stability.

Companies to watch? Belectric, SMA, new utility scale project developers.

Your expectations? Two main topics to be discussed: new markets and market strategies beyond FITs (hopefully) and competitiveness of module producers (e.g. tariffs on Chinese modules).

Matt Feinstein, Lux Research

Matt Feinstein

Biggest trends? Attitudes towards Chinese suppliers, in particular with regards towards European manufacturing.; storage, LG Chem is debuting its solar storage product at the conference, the notion is picking up a lot of steam, particularly in Europe.

Companies to watch? Bosch, Saft on the battery side.

Dirk Morbitzer, Renewable Analytics

Top trends? Energy storage; falling system prices; higher cell and module efficiencies.

Interesting products? Energy storage solutions.

Your expectations? I am interested in seeing the new energy storage and self-consumption technical solutions. I am also interested to see how companies react to the new market conditions.

Henning Wicht, IHS iSuppli

Top trends? Module manufacturers mutate to system providers. Motto: We are building solar parks ourselves; continuing falling module prices; polysilicon prices fall to $23/kg.

Interesting products? I'm curious to see if there are already modules with molded frames. Or a glass/glass module that's processed with 2mm thick glass and needs no backsheet.

Your expectations? Last year, a European CEO said, "One of the three major Chinese [manufacturers] will not be here next year." We betted against this. And in fact, also in 2012, all the big [companies] and many Tier 2 players are back. But for how long? And how and when can positive margins be reached?

Markus Hoehner, CEO EuPD Research

Markus Hoehner

Top trends? Electricity storage solutions; the special show on e-mobility applications; and of course the major topic of "survival strategies" for the industry.

Interesting products? According to the top 3 trends, I think we should watch out for all products and applications in the field of storage and smart grid / smart energy. This is the future of the PV industry.

Companies to watch? Obviously the Chinese companies are leading, once again. But in addition to conventional module manufacturing, I will also monitor companies that provide additional services to the industry.

Your expectations? In such a tense market situation as the industry is facing right now, my team and I have plenty of interesting meetings with key industry stakeholders where I am confident, that we – together with our clients – will surely find appropriate solutions to help the industry steer through these tough times.

Till von Versen, EuPD Research

Top trends? Self-consumption and storage solutions; market consolidation (also of Chinese players); trade barriers and retaliation measures; telecommunication companies entering the market.  

Interesting products? We are currently observing a shift in paradigm: Module power enhancements will likely play a less important role. More "real" solutions will be presented on the show. Definitely storage solutions and energy management solutions will be THE products to look out for.

Companies to watch? Inverter manufacturers. Many are covering the self-consumption/storage/smart energy field already today and have competitive solutions on offer (inverter + energy management + battery). 

Your expectations? Market consolidation will be a hot topic over the course of the entire show. It might be characterized by some who show restraint and others who are determined to show healthy activity. We are probably moving away from standard module presentation (efficiency increases of xx percent on modules) towards more holistic solutions, which tackle the problem of limited self-consumption and the dawn of the smart grid.

Conference recommendations


  • One of the key themes at this year’s Intersolar Europe Conference will be STORAGE. Various electrical short-term and medium term-storage solutions will be introduced and discussed from 14.00 to 18.00, on MONDAY 11. Long-term storage, including hydrogen and power-to-gas concepts will also be discussed.
  • GLOBAL MARKETS, PV MANUFACTURINGand PV POWER PLANTS will also be covered on TUESDAY 12. Most interesting will be a workshop on the opportunities presented on the recently announced world’s largest radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), between 13.30 and 15.30.
  • The CEO PANEL is always a platform for stimulating discussion and this year’s, held on TUESDAY 12, from 16.00 to 18.00, should be no exception. The panel will bring together Peng Fang, CEO of JA Solar Holdings; Udo Möhrstedt, CEO IBC Solar; Rafael Schröer, managing director Kyocera Fineceramics; and Shawn Qu, chairman, president and CEO Canadian Solar.           

Social networking

As many know, the chances to network and grow your PV social network can be some of the most valuable outcomes from the Intersolar tradeshow. To facilitate this and to provide a range of opportunities to do so, exhibitors and Intersolar organizers are hosting a range of side-events and networking opportunities.


  • Networking Reception: Monday, June 11, 18.00, ICM Munich
  • Conference Barbecue: Tuesday, June 12, 18.00, ICM Munich
  • Destination India: Tuesday, June 12, ICM Room 3
  • SEMI International Standards: Wednesday, June 13, ICM Room 21A/B
  • Suntech’s GridBeats 2010: Thursday, June 14 (pm), Kesselhaus
  • Women in Solar: Thursday June 14,  Jinko Solar, Hall B1, Room B13

Intersolar 2012 news

PV margin and pricing pressure to continue into Q3

Solar park with Yingli Green Energy's photovoltaic modules

According to the Deutsche Bank's latest solar industry update, photovoltaic companies can expect to see continued margin and pricing pressure.

Intersolar NA: US market growth despite difficulties

Intersolar North America crowd shot

The Intersolar North America tradeshow and conference ended today with a mixed outlook for photovoltaics, and talk of an industry shakeout prominent in discussions.

Intersolar NA: Bullish PV prospects for US

Intersolar North America 2012 opening day crowd shot

Uncharacteristically clear blue skies greeted attendees at the fifth Intersolar North America tradeshow, which began yesterday in San Francisco, California. Despite a number of political and regulatory clouds hanging over the...

Phono Solar: Diverse offerings key to impacting challenging market

Eric Yuan standing in front of the Phono Solar booth at the Intersolar Europe.

Tier-two Chinese manufacturer Phono Solar said that the key to making an impact in the current challenging photovoltaic market is continue to develop diverse offerings targeting a number of market segments. Phono Solar’s Global...

Product differentiation highlighted as key survival tool at Intersolar Europe

The Intersolar trade show flags.

Intersolar 2012 is almost at an end. Overall, the event has been positively received, with many remarking on the high visitor quality. Speaking to exhibitors, a few trends emerged which, while perhaps not new, are definitely...

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Congratulations to Mert Sayli, who won an e-scooter after correctly answering that a c-Si photovoltaic installation in Southern Europe has an approximate energy payback time of 24 months.

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