Martin Green

Professor Martin Green, Scientia professor, executive research director, UNSW Photovoltaics Center of Excellence, The University of New South Wales

“With the PV industry growing so quickly, there is more need than ever for concise, accurate information as provided by pv magazine.”

Niclas Fritsch

Niclas Fritsch, managing director/COO, GP Joule GmbH

pv magazine is my preferred source of knowledge as the articles are brilliantly researched, to the point, and address exactly the kind of topics which the discussions with my clients are based on. On the plane, in the taxi or in the office – reading pv magazine is always a high-return investment for me.”

Dieter Manz

Dieter Manz, chairman and CEO, Manz AG

“As one of the leading industry magazines in PV, they always keep their pages open to the many-fold opinions of industry leaders and specialists. To learn what other players or customers think – that makes pv magazine an important platform of exchange for us, whether it be interviews, guest articles or background explanations on a high scientific level.”

Brooks Herring

Brooks Herring, VP communications and operations, Solar Frontier K.K.

I look forward to every issue of pv magazine for its in-depth analysis and thought-provoking perspective on the issues that matter in the solar industry.

Julio Herrero

Julio Herrero, marketing director, JND Solar Tech

In these times of information overload, pv magazine is one of my all-time favorite magazines in the industry. The articles are objective and focus on specific issues/markets (bravo for the article on the Philippines market!). On top of that, its design is elegant and the format easy to read. Keep up the good work!”

Browning Rockwell

Browning Rockwell, president, Emirates Solar Industry Association

pv magazine is must read if you follow the solar industry. It is informative, timely and a comprehensive monthly market review resource.”

Jim Hisert

Jim Hisert, PV applications engineer, Indium Corp

“One of my tasks a while back was to evaluate different trade publications for distribution to our solar team and pv magazine ranked on top for technical information. It complements lab work and customer visits as a great source of information to help solve the issues our customers face in this industry.”


Paul Gipe

Paul Gipe, author, advocate, and industry analyst

“In an age of information overload, pv magazine is one of the few reliable sources on the PV industry.”

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson, senior analyst, Traficon, s.r.o.

“As a Senior Analyst, I look to dozens of sources for research, but pv magazine is always the one I know I can count on when it comes to the solar industry. It is my favorite magazine and always provides interesting updates and quality information.”


Stephan Raithel

Stephan Raithel, MD, SEMI PV Group, Berlin Office

“What we particularly appreciate is the independent technical coverage that pv magazine focuses on pertaining to important themes under PV production technology.”


Peter Newman

Peter Newman, CEO, Australia PV Association

“Just a quick note to say thanks for Nic Stone's article in today’s pv magazine. It covers the key points really well and gives good depth to the R&D info. It is pleasing to read a balanced and informative story, well done!”


Damian Miller

Damian Miller, CEO, Orb Energy

“A very well-written (and researched) article Shamsiah. Well done. 
Thank you for shining a light on the plight of thousands of former Shell Solar customers in India and Sri Lanka. It’s really so unjust. Hopefully this spurs Shell to action.”


William A. Jackson

William A. Jackson, director, solar products, Indium Corporation

“It is very positive to see a respected publication take the time to present a primer on sputtering. The article blended history, theory, practical use and advantages along with the importance of the raw material and recycling loop. The article validity was enhanced with quotes from key industry leaders. We look forward to future raw material and process based articles.”

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