Issue 03 / 2013

03 / 2013

Phoenix rising
A thin film resurrection?

From the Editor

Seoul shows the way forward

Markets & Trends

Global FIT overview

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A trend reversal

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Price bounce

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Strong upward trend

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Korea’s cautious comeback

By:  Jonathan Gifford

South Korea: As an advanced economy and electronics manufacturing giant, Korea would seem well situated to push the PV industry forwards. With limited domestic energy resources, PV could also be a major priority for its...

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Breaking out of darkness

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Just before takeoff

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Tied up in knots

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The battle over the EEG

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Industry & Suppliers

Rising from the ashes

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Rock bottom prices

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Risk management in the PV supply chain

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Silver lining for cost savings

By:  Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger

Replacing silver: Silver is a metal with a volatile price; it can bring big gains or cause huge tumbles. With the International Monetary Fund predicting a 3.6% global expansion in 2013, from 3.3% in 2012, silver remains a...

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Comparisons just got complicated

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Flexible dimensioning

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Applications & Installations

4 GW by 2016

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Nickel-and-diming the system

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Solid as a rock

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Like raw eggs

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Reliable technology for remote locations

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Energy storage

Main driver for the technological development

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Self-consumption by the back door

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Great savings potential

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Some live longer

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Research & Development

Let the molecules do the work

By:  House, Alibabaei, Bonino, Hoertz, Trainham, Meyer

Artificial photosynthesis: A team from the Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC, University of North Carolina) and the Research Triangle Solar Fuels Institute (RTSFI) in North Carolina, United States, is investigating a...

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In pursuit of the super PERC cell

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Energized seniors

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