Issue 12 / 2010

12 / 2010

Keep on tracking An overview of tracker technology

From the Editor

Exciting times

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Markets & Trends

What does the future hold?

By:  Becky Stuart

Trends 2011: Following a successful year, what can the PV industry expect to see in 2011? One important trend, say the analysts, is a market slowdown. It has also been said module prices must be reduced. pv magazine analyzes the...

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Incremental innovations and cost parity

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A small island with big prospects

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A signal for Africa

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Our place in the sun

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Be ruthless

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Assured access to reliable energy supplies

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In the fast lane

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Wild years, new markets

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Spot market for PV panels // Drop in demand

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Inventory is piling up

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Industry & Suppliers

No reflection please

By:  Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger

Anti-reflective coatings: An anti-reflective coating (ARC) can be important in increasing a module’s output power. pv magazine looks at some of the coatings and technology on the market, as well as the coming together of glass...

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Through the Suntech looking glass

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Thin film expansion

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“The greatest capacity leap in PV history”

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Going thinner

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Applications & Installations

Tracking the market

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Follow the sun

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Better cells, cheaper cells

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Research & Development

Increasing photovoltaic efficiency

By:  Peter Oesterlin, Andreas Büchel

Selective emitters: Increasing cell efficiency remains an active and important aspect in the solar industry. Laser doping for selective emitters of crystalline solar cells holds the potential to break some boundaries, as Peter...

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World wide testing

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Better cells, cheaper cells

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