Forum Solarpraxis

The Forum Solarpraxis, an established industry event, which brings together a plethora of PV experts, politicians and financial specialists, took place for the 16th time in Berlin, Germany on November 26 and 27.

See below for pv magazine's coverage from Forum events from 2010 to present day, and related news.


Forum Solarpraxis: From energy decentralization to digitization

The 16th Forum Solarpraxis discussed the transition from energy decentralization to digitilization

The energy sector has undergone huge changes over the last years, mainly due to the decentralization of energy systems and the increasing role of renewables. While the sector’s defining characteristics continue to shift, a new...

The pv magazine weekly news digest

Berlin, Germany

The 16th Forum Solarpraxis kicked off in the German capital this week showcasing international developments in technology and policy and offering market assessments from industry reps. Developments in Germany and the U.K. could...

Forum Solarpraxis: It's all political for Europe's big two solar powers

Attendees at the 16th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin have been buoyed by the news that the German storage subsidy is set to be extended for three years.

Contrasting fortunes for the German and U.K. solar PV markets in 2016 will suppress the European solar landscape as policy changes take effect.

Forum Solarpraxis: German storage subsidies likely to continue

Last year's Forum Solarpraxis saw around 650 attendees, 100 less than this year

The 16th Forum Solarpraxis kicked off today with the good news that German storage subsidies are likely to continue for the next three years. A parliamentary committee is currently discussing the issue. As of 2017, meanwhile, 5%...

pv magazine weekly news roundup: Nov 21-28

Tesla motor.

Assault of batteries shapes the week, while the good vibes of the 15th Forum Solarpraxis are punctured by the news of SolarMax's insolvency.

SolarMax insolvency: Lack of pan-European policy harms industry, says expert

Hoffmann at the Forum Solarpraxis.

The insolvency of Switzerland's SolarMax is yet another indictment of Europe's failure to nurture pro-solar political conditions, says solar consultant Winfried Hoffmann.

Solar disrupts utilities out of their comfort zone

Prof. Klaus Töpfer.

Solarpraxis Forum highlights how traditional energy utilities are struggling to cope with the expansion of the renewable energy sector, forcing a rethink of their relationship with renewables.

Future PV Forum brings close-to-commercialization technologies into focus

Andreas Liebheit.

The 15th Forum Solarpraxis played host to the first Future PV Forum today in Berlin. 10 presentations across the solar innovation value chain showcased a range of technologies from the much-hyped perovskites to laser 3D printing...

15th Forum Solarpraxis begins with a buzz

Kostal's Stephan Kring with the new PIKO 20 string inverter that the company is showcasing at the 15th Forum Solarpraxis.

Solar business conference held in Berlin commences with well-attended keynote speech and defiantly upbeat vibe.

Israel testing industry with lowest FIT rates possible

Ketura solar PV plant, Israel

Israel's electricity market regulator PUA surprised everyone on Tuesday by suggesting a feed-in tariff for the Timna solar park lower than initially agreed. Israel has decided to develop its PV sector further and is attempting to...

PV puts other renewables in the shade in Israel

A satellite image of Israel.

Israel's government has approved the transfer of 520 MW of quotas for solar PV, signalling the beginning of an exciting time for solar power in the Middle East.

Forecast 2030: stored electricity at $0.05/kWh

Solar battery storage

Winfried Hoffmann, a well-known figure throughout the PV world, has created a learning curve for battery storage that predicts costs will fall much faster than many experts believe.

Off-grid: A demanding market

Off-grid PV, Fraunhofer Institute

At the Off-Grid PV workshop on the second day of the Forum Solarpraxis conference in Berlin on Friday experts discussed the opportunities, obstacles and trends of the market.

Forum attendees oppose self-consumption levy

The 14th Forum Solarpraxis.

Charge would strangle the growing self consumption market, say attendees at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis. Policy support is needed to drive solar and storage costs must come down say solar representatives.

Solarworld to buy Bosch factory 'within days'

Solarworld CEO Frank Asbeck.

Rumors gain strength as Wall Street Journal reports it's almost a done deal. The Journal says Solarworld will purchase Bosch's Arnstadt production facility.

Forum Solarpraxis: PV's call to arms

The CEO panel at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin.

CEO's unanimous at 14th Forum Solarpraxis – We must not rely on politicians. Use of social media is cited as a means of bypassing politics to get the PV message direct to consumers.

Germany's requirements for a stable, renewables grid

Delegates at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin.

Attendees at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin have called for the role of renewables installations in stabilizing the electricity grid to be recognized. Grid representatives acknowledge possibilities but lament the lack of a...

Special Report Africa: Tanzania, Mozambique

Malangali secondary school, Tanzania

Tobias Cossen, project manager, Renewable Energy Project Development Program for Sub-Saharan Africa, at the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), discusses the state of solar in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Forum Solarpraxis off to positive start

Solarpraxis CEO Karl-Heinz Remmers, 14th Forum Solarpraxis

Increasing global opportunities and the advantages of falling PV prices took center stage at the 14th Forum Solarpraxis, which welcomed some 600 industry representatives to the two-day event.

ZNSHINE unveils new power optimizing technology, announces expansion plans

Stuart Brannigan, ZNSHINE

Chinese vertically integrated module manufacturer ZNSHINE SOLAR announces expansion of its global network and introduces newly developed power optimizing technologý at pre-Forum Solarpraxis press conference.

Special Report Africa: Kenya

Mombassa solar plant, Kenya

Tobias Cossen, project manager, Renewable Energy Project Development Program for Sub-Saharan Africa, at the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), discusses the developing solar market in Kenya.

Special Report Africa: Ghana

Cape Coast, Ghana

Ulrike Brückner of the German law firm Rödl & Partner discusses the state of Ghana's burgeoning solar market, including investment opportunities and government efforts to attract foreign investment.

Germany: Altmaier presents concept for short-term EEG changes

Peter Altmaier at 13 Forum Solarpraxis

Germany's Federal Environment Minister has presented his concept for "electricity price protection". Altmaier’s aim is to limit the energy transition cost and, thus, set the stage for photovoltaic, wind and biomass cuts. The...

13th Forum Solarpraxis ends on a positive note

The solar branch will have to tide through challenges, but it can also look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Trade war dominates CEO Panel

The argument for and against the duties on Chinese PV products dominated the CEO panel that took place at the 13th Forum Solarpraxis.

Germany’s Energy Minister opens 13 Forum Solarpraxis

Peter Altmaier

Germany’s federal Energy Minister, Peter Altmaier has opened the 13th Forum Solarpraxis. In his speech, he linked his political fate with the success of the energy transition. In the coming week, Germany’s first EEG dialogue on...

Germany’s Altmaier sees benefits of PV cuts

Peter Altmaier

Germany’s Environment Minister expects new photovoltaic capacity additions to halve in 2013. These expectations would fall in line with the government’s annual expansion plans.

Big interest in Poland’s PV market

Poland conference Solarpraxis

Currently the government in Warsaw is still struggling with the reorganization of its solar subsidies. Nevertheless, project planners have already put their hopes in a market that promises attractive subsidies for both large and...

PV in 2012: The year of truth

General solar photovoltaic installation by Gehrlicher Solar

The photovoltaics industry is going through some major changes. A still deteriorating global economic situation, government belt-tightening and a number of corporate incidents have left the industry in an unfamiliar, unhealthy...

PV price shifts and painful consolidation

2011 has, arguably, presented photovoltaic companies with the toughest solar market challenges to date. Subsidy cuts, freefalling prices, weak demand, overcapacities, financial uncertainty, insolvencies: these factors, and many...

Diversification and integration keys to surviving solar shakeout

Solar photovoltaic installation on a remote island with very blue sky

In a new solar study, Bank Sarasin has named the five companies most likely to survive the current market shakeout, and identified those which are set to fail. International diversification and vertical integration are the...

Forum Solarpraxis: More foreign investment and lobbying needed

12 Forum Solarpraxis audience shot

After an opening day that seemed somewhat overly focused on the German market, the second day provided a whistle-stop, round-the-world tour encompassing both prominent and emerging markets from Europe and beyond. The key issues...

Taking the temperature at the Forum Solarpraxis: day one

A picture of a conference crowd laughing.

The 12th Forum Solarpraxis kicked off on Thursday, designed to unite the movers and shakers of the industry in Berlin to discuss the issues currently facing the PV industry. Yet the clash between the pre-organised themes for the...

Market diversity a key trend for next year

PV panel

According to the photovoltaics (PV) analysts, market diversity will be one of the key trends next year, with a number of emerging countries making up the expected shortfall of installed capacity in Germany.

11th Forum Solarpraxis comes to an end

Delegate sitting at forum with pen in hand

The photovoltaics (PV) industry looks toward the coming year with some uncertainty.

Future PV markets and investment opportunities discussed at Forum Solarpraxis

Indian Government building

Future photovoltaics (PV) markets were discussed at one of the final 11th Forum Solarpraxis sessions, currently being held in Berlin, Germany.

"Major" collaboration opportunity for Germany and China

Chinese solar farm

Speaking at the opening of the 11th Forum Solarpraxis, Zhang Jiaqiang from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China told delegates that a "major" opportunity exists for German and Chinese companies to collaborate with one...

Competition and cost reduction highlighted at Forum Solarpraxis

The 11th Forum Solarpraxis opened today in Berlin.

The 11th Forum Solarpraixs, currently being held in Berlin, Germany at the Hilton Hotel, has got off to a positive start, with over 700 delegates registering. "Competitiveness", "cost reduction" and "growth" were the watchwords...

Future PV 2015

In association with founding partner Heraeus


The future of PV remains unwritten, but pv magazine – alongside our trusted technical coordinators – is delving deep into manufacturing trends and innovations once again in 2015 as part of the second installment of the Future PV series.

Featuring a premium conference session at the forthcoming 16th Forum Solarpraxis in Berlin between 26-27 November, and a specially prepared edition of pv magazine for the EU PVSEC trade show in Hamburg, Future PV will explore cutting-edge technologies – including PERC, busbarless connection, half-cell modules, perovskites, HJT technology and more – while bringing a dash of drama to the sector in the form of five coal-crushing Solar Superheroes.

Follow the Superheroes' heroic efforts in the first installment right here, and stay tuned for the decisive denouement in act two as solar takes the fight to coal in what promises to be an almighty battle to the death. In the meantime, enjoy further insight, analysis and overviews of the future of PV technology, today, with Future PV.

About Future PV
"Our goal is to show the audience a wide spectrum of new technologies that can possibly change the PV market in the coming years.

Last year we had speakers discuss new thin film applications (with Prof Grätzel as one of the guest speakers, but also a speaker from Oxford PV who try to commercialize the materials prof Grätzel is working on), new processing methods for crystalline solar cells, module technologies such as backside contacted modules and the newest generation of commercial OPV modules.

For this year we want to continue with the format, but go even wider: there will next to PV also be time to discuss storage, as the synergy between these two technologies will become stronger and stronger in the coming years." - Dr. Arno Stassen, Head of Business Development Global Business Unit Heraeus Photovoltaics.