Intersolar Europe 2011

Once again, pv magazine and photovoltaik delivered up-to-the-minute news from the Intersolar Europe trade show.

We also recruited an exceptional group of exhibition bloggers, who scoured the trade show's floors for the latest product and industry developments.

Simon Rolland won an iPad for his varied selection of blogs, while Kleber Facchini received a year's subscription to pv magazine for his take on the inverter market. Make sure you get involved by commenting on their blogs, or by communicating with us via Twitter.

Scroll down to read the blogs and check out all the Intersolar Europe news. You can also see what went on at Intersolar 2010.

Intersolar podcast

Play the above podcast - pv magazine's first - to gain an exclusive inside look into some of the photovoltaic success stories, get a feel for what's going on in the international markets and what the industry leaders were talking about at this year's Intersolar. Included are interviews with Steca, Saint Gobain and the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce.

The blogs

12 June 2011 | Simon Rolland | Comment now

Intersolar, how about gender equality?

Of all my years coming to Intersolar, I never cease to be disappointed at the limited number of women actually doing business. Are women in the PV industry only good for distributing flyers, handing out drinks and smiles?

12 June 2011 | Simon Rolland | Comment now

Feed-in tariffs and the future of our business

Although there are some newbies around, most of the people at Intersolar this year are regulars, even though not many can claim they’re from the pre-Munich era, when the fair was still based in Frieburg.

10 June 2011 | Robert Kröni | Comment now

We got it

Grid Parity

10 June 2011 | Kleber Facchini | Comment now

"Innovations in Value-Add"

I have been writing for the past couple of days about the shift in PV power to more utility-scale applications. I believe that it is the move to utility-scale that will ultimately bring down the cost (or Levelized Cost of...

10 June 2011 | Robert Kröni | Comment now

Electricity payer

What would the electricity payer say when they see the huge exhibition and sometimes luxurious expenses of the industry, paid by the payers of the FIT? Some more modesty would be better for the PV industry.

Intersolar Europe 2011 news

A successful and positive Intersolar closes its doors for the 20th time

Intersolar europe 20th edition opening day crowds

It was a successful trade show. That was expressed by all the exhibitors whom pv magazine spoke with, regardless of whether they were inverter manufacturers, junction box makers, cables and connectors producers or mounting system...

Samsung announces increased solar focus

Samsung solar photovoltaic modules with "Samsung takes on the solar challenge" slogan

Samsung has said that it plans to invest USD$5.5 billion in the development of solar technology and production by 2020.

BSW: Germany to invest over €5 billion in its solar industry

Solar power park in Germany in a field next to a road

According to the German solar association, BSW-Solar, the country’s industry is planning to invest around €5.5 billion in both production, and research and development over the next two years.

Intersolar Award: Applause for the deserving

Autarcon's drinking water treatment system, which is powered by photovoltaics in action

The Oscars of the solar industry honored the most innovative today at the fourth Intersolar Awards ceremony. The nominees were all deserving having made breakthroughs, cut costs, increased efficiencies and impressed the jury.

India looks set to dominate at Intersolar Europe

Intersolar 2010 crowd shot at registration desks in Munich

The 20th Intersolar Europe has opened its doors today in Munich. While the trade show floors are still quite empty, word on the street is that, spurred on by China’s progress, India is getting ready to significantly ramp up its...


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The bloggers

Simon Rolland

Simon Rolland

Prior to becoming Secretary General of the Alliance for Rural Electrification, Simon Rolland was its policy and development manager for four years. Before that, he worked at the European Parliament, and for a number of different NGOs.

Kleber Facchini

Kleber Facchini

Kleber Facchini is the business development manager, Utility Solar for American Superconductor Corp. (AMSC). He joined AMSC in 2008, as the principal applications engineer working on the power electronics products of the company and its applications, including wind, energy storage, marine and solar projects. Prior to this, he worked for Northern Power Systems on R&D for power electronics applications, most significantly leading the redesign and cost reduction effort of the power conversion system of a 100 kW wind turbine.

Robert Kröni

Robert Kröni

Innotech Solar’s execution vice president for power plants, Robert Kröni, has served the PV industry for over 25 years. His previous positions include CEO of Edisun Power Group, and partner and project manager for Enecolo AG. He has been setting up PV plants since 1989.

Michael Levi

Michael Levi

Michael Levi is the senior director of worldwide marketing for Satcon Technologies Corporation. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership, Michael has been a central part of Satcon’s global expansion in the large-scale inverter marketplace. Prior to joining the company, he held increasingly senior roles within the high technology industry, including director of solutions strategy at i2 Technologies and director of product marketing at RiverOne Technologies.

Carlos Faria

Carlos Faria

Carlos Faria is president of Brazilian consultancy Studio Equinócio. He is also the former director of the Brazilian Solar Thermal Industry Association, ABRAVA and has in-depth knowledge of the national solar thermal sector.