Australia: 30 MW installation approved

02. January 2013 | Applications & Installations, Markets & Trends | By:  Jonathan Gifford

A council in the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria has given the go ahead for a photovoltaic power plant near the town of Kerang. The local company ECO for LIFE will construct it.

The Australian flag.

Construction on the 30 MW power plant is set to begin midway through this year.

In another sign that the utility-scale photovoltaic market in Australia is continuing to develop, the local Gannawarra Shire has approved a 30 MW plant. The shire is in rural Victoria, north of the state capital of Melbourne.

The application to construct the photovoltaic power plant was submitted by local solar installer and developer ECO for LIFE, which has designed a tracking system for ground mounted installations called The Solar Predator. The company also carries out rooftop installations.

It is not clear as to whether the 30 MW plant will utilize the company’s tracking technology. ECO for LIFE has developed a number of photovoltaic power plants in Victoria and the neighboring state of New South Wales.

In a statement announcing the plant’s approval, the shire’s economic development manager Roger Griffiths indicated that the shire is encouraging solar power plant development. "Construction of the $38 million solar farm is expected to commence in mid-2013, with an expected construction timeframe of around 14 months," said Griffiths.

The power plant will cover 36 hectares of land, south of the Kerang township. pv magazine has contacted ECO for LIFE for more details regarding the project.

The announcement of the Kerang power plant's approval comes only weeks after Australia's first utility scale power plant was officially opened.

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