Chile connects more than 100 MW of solar projects to grid

20. February 2014 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Blanca Diaz, Edgar Meza

The country's grid-connected solar capacity soared from 6.7 MW in December to more than 100 MW the following month.

Atacama, Chile

Chile's solar capacity increased by 95.9 MW in January after the partial connection of a 100 MW plant in the Atacama region.

Chile saw an explosion of solar capacity in January, thanks in large part to a large-scale PV installation that was partially connected to the grid in the Atacama region.

At the end of December, Chile had 6.7 MW of grid-connected solar. The following month, that figure had soared to more than 100 MW.

According to Chile's Center for Renewable Energy (CER), solar energy capacity climbed to 102.6 MW in January, an increase of 95.9 MW from December.

The partical connection of SunEdison's 100 MW Amanecer Solar project for the CAP mining group in the Atacama region resulted in the dramatic leap in capacity. The 3 MW Los Puquios plant, located in the region of Tarapaca, also connected to the grid.

Solar energy made up 1.2 percent of Chile's overall energy mix in January, according to CER.

A total of 186.3 MW of renewable energy installations began operation in the country in January, bringing total capacity from renewables to 1,298.3 MW.

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