Conergy completes 6 MW PV rooftop project in France

31. January 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

Conergy France and local partner Soligest, have completed work on three photovoltaic rooftop installations worth 6.1 megawatts (MW).

French solar photovoltaic thin film rooftop project by Conergy

The photovoltaic projects are expected to generate 6.5 gigawatts of energy annually.

The projects, located in Thiers, Puy-de-Dôme (2.7 MW), Bollène, Vaucluse (2.3 MW) and Maine-et-Loire (1.1 MW), are kitted out with more than 80,000 thin film photovoltaic modules. Conergy was responsible for the design and technical planning of the systems, while Soligest installed and will operate them.

Overall, they are expected to generate 6.5 gigawatts of energy annually and will receive feed-in tariffs applicable to the project at its planning stages in 2010.

"Although legislation has changed in France recently, private, medium and large-sized rooftop installations can still be lucrative. Experts estimate that in the coming year the combined output of medium-sized rooftop installations up to 100 kilowatts and larger installations up to 250 kilowatts will be around 220 megawatts,” said Conergy in a statement.

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