Enerparc and RWZ Solarenergie inaugurate 7.1 MW solar plant

14. September 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

Enerparc AG and RWZ Solarenergie GmbH have inaugurated their 7.1 megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Germany’s Bad Lausik, in Heinersdorf. Construction was said to have been completed in 10 weeks.

7.1 MW German solar photovoltaic plant in Bad Lausik, Heinersdorf

The solar park is comprised of 33,364 modules installed across 17.5 hectares. Image: Enerparc.

The solar plant, which underwent three years of planning before realization, was grid connected in December. It reportedly generates over six million kilowatt hours of energy annually; enough energy to power over 1,500 households.

RWZ Solarenergie carried out the planning and development stages, while Enerparc constructed and implemented the system, and is operating it. It invested €20 million in the project.

Overall, 33,364 solar modules were installed across 17.5 hectares. "52 containers of solar modules were mounted on 21 kilometre long mounting systems. In total over 544 tons of steel and aluminium have been installed. Given the tough time schedule, this could only be managed thanks to close collaboration and strong levels of dedication from all partners," commented Olaf Koeppen, Enerparc architect.

At the inauguration ceremony, held on September 10, both political and industry guests attended. In his inaugural speech, Mayor Josef Eisenmann stressed the importance of solar energy in Saxony.

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