EU duties prompt Chinese manufacturer to look east

10. June 2013 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Investor news, Top News | By:  Max Hall

Chinese solar manufacturer Solargiga has signed a 370 MW module supply deal with Japanese giant Sharp and said the move into other markets had been prompted by the recent EU anti dumping duties decision. The deal makes Solargiga the largest Chinese solar supplier to Sharp.

EC trade commissioner Karel de Gucht.

Solargiga cited the decision by EC trade commissioner Karel de Gucht to impose duties on Chinese solar modules as a reason for its signing a 370 MW deal to supply modules to Japan.

Chinese solar manufacturer Solargiga used the announcement of a 370 MW module deal with Japanese electronics giant Sharp to criticise last week's decision by the EU to impose duties on Chinese made panels.

In an announcement of the deal to the Hong Kong stock exchange, the Cayman Islands registered company, which has production facilities in Jinzhou, Shanghai and Qinghai, said: "Facing the imposition of U.S. and EU tariffs and countervailing anti-dumping duties on Chinese PV products, PRC (People's Republic of China) PV companies are all actively developing other sales regions outside of the U.S. and EU to ease the pressure of high tariffs."

Solargiga revealed that the Sharp deal – to buy 370 MW of modules in the 2013 fiscal year – will make it the biggest Chinese supplier of photovoltaic materials to Sharp and that the Chinese manufacturer will have to expand its production capacity to fulfil the order.

The agreement crowns a ten-year association between the two companies with Solargiga having originally supplied ingots to Sharp before progressing to supply wafers and cells and now modules.

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