EU plans provisional average AD duties of 47% on Chinese PV imports

08. May 2013 | Global PV markets, Markets & Trends, Trade cases, Top News | By:  Vera von Kreutzrbruck

EU commissioners today backed the EU trade chief Karel De Gucht’s proposal to impose provisional anti-dumping (AD) duties of an average 47% on Chinese photovoltaic imports as of June 6, an anonymous source close to the EC confirmed to pv magazine.

It has been confirmed that Chinese photovoltaic products coming into the EU will have to pay average provisional AD duties of 47%.

It has been confirmed that the EU Commission is planning to implement provisional AD duties of an average 47% on Chinese photovoltaic imports as of June 6. Overall, tariffs will range from 37 to 68%.

A source close to the European Commission (EC) told pv magazine, "Those companies that cooperate will get a lower duty and those who refuse to cooperate will get the higher duties."

They added that the commission sent a working paper detailing the provisional duties to all 27 member states today. They now have until May 15 to submit their non-binding comments, which will then be discussed. The next crucial step is on June 6, when the EC will likely introduce the provisional duties.

"We have decided to impose these emergency measures (provisional duties) in June, because many of these companies may not be around by the time the 15-month investigation period ends in December, when the final anti-dumping duties will be applied," continued the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

Many in the EU photovoltaic sector are against the implementation of such measures. For instance, the Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy (AFASE), comprised of 469 solar companies, has warned of severe damage in the EU PV market and job losses as a result of this.

"Imposing provisional duties would be against Germany’s and the EU’s energy policies," Andrea Maibaum, AFASE spokesperson told pv magazine in a telephone interview.

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Edited by Becky Beetz.

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