First Solar extends Intermolecular collaboration

07. January 2013 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Jonathan Gifford

Thin film manufacturer and First Solar has announced that has signed a two-year collaboration and licensing agreement with Intermolecular Inc. The collaboration aims to increase efficiencies beyond First Solar’s announced technology roadmap.

A First Solar power plant.

First Solar hopes to deliver increased performance for its power plant clients through the collaboration with Intermolecular.

While many photovoltaic manufacturers’ R&D programs are under stress in the face of tough market conditions, First Solar is looking to collaboration with computer processing solution company Intermolecular to deliver gains. Intermolecular claims its High Productivity Combinatorial platform can deliver R&D productivity increases.

In a statement announcing the agreement, First Solar’s CTO Raffi Garabedian, who assumed to role in May 2012, said that the company’s CdTe technology can be developed faster and with better performance through its work with Intermolecular. "This program targets disruptive advances in our module performance which will be additive to our current roadmap.”

CTO Garabedian formerly headed up First Solar’s Disruptive Technologies program.

Referencing First Solar’s development into a project developer as well as module manufacturer, Garabedian emphasized that the collaboration will "bear fruit" for its power plant customers.

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