Gehrlicher completes Spanish self-consumption system

22. January 2013 | Markets & Trends, Applications & Installations | By:  Jonathan Gifford

German-based EPC and photovoltaic developer Gehrlicher Solar has announced the completion of a 30 kW off grid system in Spain, to supply a small community. While relatively small, the installation is indicative of a growing trend of grid parity or self-consumption installations in the Spanish market and further afield.

Solar panels at the edge of a Spanish village.

Gehrlicher has completed an off grid installation in Spain, which it hopes will become prototype for rural areas in Spain.

Gehrlicher Solar has announced the completion of an off grid photovoltaic installation to supply nine houses in the rural area of Cañada Lentisco, in Spain. In a statement announcing the project, Gehrlicher claims that the investment in the installation will be recovered in five years, and that the system will supply electricity for the houses for 30 years.

The photovoltaic system in the village comprises 90 photovoltaic modules, eight SMA inverters and a 30 kW battery. The solar panels are installed on a barnyard roof adjacent to the houses.

Gehrlicher remarks, in its statement, that the project could become a prototype for other rural electrification in off grid areas in rural Spain. Gehrlicher began developing photovoltaic projects in Spain in 2001 and it has 40 employees in the country.

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