Gehrlicher Solar announces 8.75 MWp Romanian PV project

12. November 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Beetz

Gehrlicher Solar AG has almost completed work on a 8.75 MWp photovoltaic project located 220 km north east of Bucharest. It is scheduled for completion in mid-November.

Romania 8.75 MW solar photovoltaic Isaccea park

The two parties are also working together on more photovoltaic projects in Romania.

The Germany-based company says technical acceptance of the first 800 kWp was completed mid last month. Overall, the total 8.75 MWp is expected to be grid connected by November 15. Over 35,000 of JA Solar’s photovoltaic modules and nine SMA inverters will be used in the project, which will cover an area of 14 hectares when finished.

Ra Ra Parc SRL was the investor in the project. The financial amount was not divulged, however. Meanwhile, Gehrlicher was awarded the planning and construction contract.

The two parties are also working together on more photovoltaic projects in Romania. While work on a 536 kWp rooftop system is said to be underway, other projects are in the planning phases.

Commenting, Gehrlicher Solar CEO, Klaus Gehrlicher said, "The Isaccea project gave us a chance to impress the investor Ra Ra Parc SRL early on ... We are very pleased to have been awarded the contract for planning and constructing one of Romania's largest solar parks.

"Since we are taking over the plant's operation and maintenance, our positive and confident collaboration with this investor geared toward sustainability will result in long term local engagement."

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