German solar incentives set to be slashed after reports of 1.25 GW of newly installed PV capacity

08. September 2011 | Top News, Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Becky Stuart

According to sources, newly installed photovoltaic capacity in Germany hit 1.25 gigawatts (GW) between June and July of this year. As such, there are fears solar incentives will be slashed by 15 percent in January 2012.

Wirsol Solar's 24.1 MW photovoltaic park in Germany, Brandenburg

Newly installed photovoltaic capacity in Germany has increased. Image: Wirsol Solar.

Reuters reports that "two people familiar with the figures", have said photovoltaic installations in Germany picked up significantly between June and July to hit around 1.25 GW.

Germany’s grid agency (Bundesnetzagentur) apparently declined to comment on the news. It is expected to release the installation figures for June soon.

If this amount of newly installed capacity has been added, government sources reportedly believe that solar incentives will be cut six percent more than originally planned, "but still well below the maximum cut of 24 percent the government can make".

In July, the German industry avoided an incentive cut after just 700 megawatts of newly installed photovoltaic capacity was added to the grid between March and May.

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