Germany: Construction on 70 MW PV project begins

01. July 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

GP Joule has begun construction on a 70 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic park in Germany. When complete, it is expected to be the country’s largest.

Two men stating in the construction site of GP Joul's 70 MW photovoltaic park in a field in Brandenburg, Germany

Construction begins on what will be Germany's biggest photovoltaic park. Image: GP Joule.

Located in Meuro, Brandenburg, across a 150 acre former open-cast mining site, the €140 million project was designed and developed by Berlin-based company, unlimited energy. Financing was raised by HSH Nordbank. ecosolutions, meanwhile, provided intermediate financing and co-development contribution.

Petra Leue-Bahns, chairperson at ecolutions commented: "The Meuro solar park has set a milestone in project structuring and implementation speed from an institutional investor's point of view."

In a statement, GP Joule says that over 300,000 photovoltaic modules and 2,555 inverters will be used in the project. It adds that it has taken over commercial responsibility for the project, including financing, "and will later take on technical and commercial company management".

When complete, the 70 MW photovoltaic project is expected to generate around 70 million kilowatt hours of energy, which says GP Joule, is enough to power over 17,000 households.

"We've shown how you can turn wasteland unsuitable for agriculture into a valuable piece of the future," explained company CEO, Heiner Gärtner. Partner, Ove Petersen added: "Renewable energy is an especially big issue with all the new horizons it opens in eastern Germany."

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