Global Solar winding up production

03. December 2012 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets | By:  Jonathan Gifford

In an ominous sign for the flexible CIGS manufacturer, U.S.-based Global Solar is reported to have been laying off staff at its Tucson, Arizona manufacturing facility. Reports are that the company has cut 95 staff.

A Global Solar facility.

Global Solar Energy appears to be winding back its operations.

In more evidence of the rapid consolidation that is taking place in the global solar industry, another thin film company looks to be winding up operations. The Tucson Business Insider has reported that Global Solar Energy, which manufactures flexible CIGS modules, declared that it is laying off 40 employees earlier in the year, with an employee saying that it is more likely 95.

Global Solar Energy has been winding back operations since June of this year, having filed for insolvency at its European operations, based in the Berlin. 133 employees were affected by the move.

When announcing the insolvency of its German operations, Global Solar reported that it was looking for an investor. However, with the rapid drop in price for crystalline silicon modules, it appears unlikely that the company can compete on price.

Global Solar’s flexible CIGS modules do offer a unique selling point, in that they can be employed on flexible roofs or those unable to bear significant weight loads, however that appears to not be delivering sufficient capacity, as the company continues to lay off staff.

Another business segment that the company was developing was the partnership with Dow Chemical, to supply photovoltaic cells for its roofing shingle product. The shingles were launched in California and Texas earlier this year. It is uncertain what the future of this project is, if Global Solar winds back production.

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