Gujarat prepares new solar rooftop policy

09. September 2013 | Global PV markets, Investor news, Markets & Trends | By:  Max Hall

State is aiming to encourage 40 MW of rooftop systems, split between residential and non residential systems. Any surplus energy generated by non residential systems would not be eligible for FIT payments.

A solar park in Gujarat.

The state of government of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi (pictured) is reportedly about to issue a new solar rooftop policy.

The Indian state of Gujarat is about to issue a new policy regulating rooftop solar, according to a report in Sunday's Times of India.

The news report, which quotes sources in the state energy and petrochemicals department, says the policy will run until the end of March 2015 and would target 20 MW of residential rooftop installations and a further 20 MW of industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural systems.

According to the article, both types of rooftop would qualify for a 30 per cent central subsidy with residential systems eligible for a further 40 per cent discount with a ceiling of INR32,000 per kilowatt (US$490/kW) for systems of up to 2 kW. Residential purchasers would also have a VAT exemption on equipment costs, according to the Times report.

The report adds non-residential systems would be limited to a maximum of 6 per cent of the installer's energy bill for the previous year and a maximum 100 kW capacity.

Crucially, any system which generates more energy than it consumes would not be eleigible for payments from electricity companies, according to the article.

pv magazine was unable to contact the office of the Gujarat minister for energy and petrochemicals, Shri Saurabh Patel, to confirm any details of the new policy.

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