Hanergy goes downstream

29. April 2013 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Investor news | By:  Max Hall

Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer Hanergy Solar has announced a concerted effort to break into downstream power generation with the launch of its Hanergy Global Solar Power and Applications Group.

A solar powered laptop charger.

Cell manufacturer Hanergy is entering the downstream market with its new company which includes a business unit for developing mobile photovoltaics.

The new business will have four units, focusing on using Hanergy thin film cells for building integrated, building attached, ground mounted and portable photovoltaic applications, such as solar lamps, electric car power units and solar appliances.

The four business units will be guided by global offices in North America; South America; Europe and the Middle East; Asia Pacific; Africa; and 'Greater China'.

The glut of PV cells and modules worldwide has prompted a number of the industry's biggest manufacturers to enter the downstream markets to find an outlet for their products.

GTM Research senior analyst Shyam Mehta, interviewed in the May issue of pv magazine, has discussed the many questions surrounding Hanergy's business model, amid rumors of half-built factories, missing finance, problems with the manufacturer's a-Si technology and Chinese solar projects built with panels from rival manufacturers.

But the latest press release – unveiling the new downstream business – follows a recent announcement that Ikea will start selling Hanergy solar panels in stores in the UK and China.

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