India: 4 GW power plant project launched

20. September 2013 | Applications & Installations, Markets & Trends, Top News | By:  Jonathan Gifford

The Indian government has announced plans to build the world’s biggest solar power plant, in the Rajasthan province. While huge, at 4 GW in total capacity, the project’s timeline is a long one.

The Indian power plant.

The Indian government has unveiled plans for a 4 GW solar power plant.

The Indian government has shown another clear sign that it intends to turn to solar energy to provide much needed electricity generating capacity. Initial plans for a massive 4 GW utility scale PV power plant were unveiled today.

However while the staggering scale of the project will turn heads within the PV industry, its realization will be a long term concern. Construction of stage one of the power plant, as announced today by the Indian government’s press information bureau, is set to be completed in 2016.

The project is to be located in the Rajasthan province, approximately 75 km from the city of Jaipur. Praful Patel, the minister of heavy industries and public enterprises, initiated the process to develop the vast project and has pointed to a 23,000 acre piece of land in the region for the development.

The project has the working title of Sambhar Ultra-Mega Green Solar Power Project.

The first 1 GW phase of the project is to be developed through a joint venture company, with equity from various partners including the Solar Energy Corporation of India and Power Grid Corporation of India.

The government statement indicates that India intends to set a global example with the vast project. "Being the first project of this scale anywhere in the world this project is expected to set a trend for large scale solar power development in the world," today’s statement reads.

There is no indication in the statement whether PV or CSP technology will be utilized in the green power plant or in any of the composite stages.

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James Wimberley

Friday, 20.09.2013 22:05

A mega-¨project¨ that hasn´t decided whether it´s to be PV or CSP? The solar industry needs an equivalent for information technology´s ¨vapourware¨. Perhaps ¨moonbeam energy¨.


Friday, 20.09.2013 20:30

Is a 4GW PV plant practical? This could cause problems with the grid. It is important to study weather patterns and then deploy utility scale PV plants at suitable distances (instead of having a huge 4 GW PV plant).

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