India: 418 MW of PV offers for Andhra Pradesh

04. July 2013 | Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has received offers to set up 418 MW of photovoltaic capacity at INR6.49 (US$0.11) per unit price. This was finalized under the state's solar policy.

35 bidders accepted the solar power purchase price of INR6.49 per unit.

The Indian media "The Hindu" reported that 35 bidders accepted the solar power purchase price of INR6.49 ($0.11) per unit. 331 bids were qualified from 184 bidders for 161 locations. The state's proposal is to atttract 1,000 MW.

In April this year Andhra Pradesh announced the FIT of INR 6.49/kWh for its 1 GW tender. This amount was said to be disappointing to solar developers as pv magazine reported.

Nevertheless the Energy Coordination Cell sees the response now as positive. The Economic Times in India also reported that Hiralal Samariya, CMD (Chairman and Managing Director) of APTRANSCO, the power transmission utility of Andhra Pradesh, while reviewing the progress of solar power projects bidding, has stressed the need to speed up the process of installing solar power to bridge the gap between supply and demand and to meet the requirements of the consumers to the maximum extent possible.

The press release on the offers also stated that the Letter of Intent has also been issued for 144 MW for 21 members. The statement also said, "For remaining bidders, issuing of Letter of Intents is under progress and that some solar power developers who have not participated in the bidding process, have also shown keen interest to supply solar power at the solar power purchase price".

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