India: Kerala unveils 10,000 PV rooftop program

11. February 2013 | Applications & Installations | By:  Becky Beetz

The Indian state of Kerala has unveiled a program aimed at installing 10,000 one kW rooftop photovoltaic systems. The initiative was launched today by India’s Minister for New and Renewable Energy.

Kerala houseboats India

The initiative is being rolled out under the JNNSM Solar Off-Grid Photovoltaic program.

Overall, the state aims to install 10 MW of photovoltaics on rooftops in Kerala. A total of INS1.75 billion (around €24.3 million; US$32.5 million) will be invested in the project, INS800 million of which will come from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

The Minister, Farooq Abdullah, welcomed the move. He added that the MNRE would also support the second stage of the project, which aims to install photovoltaic systems on over 50,000 residential rooftops, via subsidy support totaling more than INR2 billion.

The initiative is being rolled out under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission’s Solar Off-Grid Photovoltaic program.

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