Italy: Conto Energia V to be approved soon

27. June 2012 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Sandra Enkhardt

Italy’s next renewable energy law, the Conto Energia V could soon be approved. It is believed that most of the regional state rejections should be taken into account, and that a gradual transition will be adopted.

Italy solar photovoltaic park

It is still uncertain when the new Conto Energia will come into play.

According to New Energy Projects, which cited statements made by the Italian Minister for Economic Development, Corrado Passera, it now seems likely that no rigid kilowatt limit will be imposed, above which all photovoltaic systems are automatically entered into the register, in order to qualify for a feed-in tariff.

It is also thought that plants with innovative applications, concentrator technology, in the public sector, in the north Italian earthquake region and those replacing asbestos roofs, will not have to enter into the register.

Furthermore, it is expected that the registration process for the register will be simplified. In the future, it should be enough when a sworn declaration is submitted, which shows all approvals and conditions have been met. The bonuses for the use of European photovoltaic modules and for PV systems, which have replaced asbestos roofs, should additionally remain.

Despite many details emerging, there is of yet still no concrete date for the introduction of the Conto Energia V. According to Minister Passera, a gradual transition will be adopted once the €6 billion solar subsidy limit has been reached. As such, it is hoped the investment situation of current photovoltaic projects is protected.

It is thought that around €150 million are still available. And, according to New Energy projects, given the slow rise of the GSE (Italy’s regulatory authority) meter for solar subsidies, the €6 billion limit will not necessarily be reached in the third quarter of the year. Previously, it had been thought that the new law would come into play this August or September.

Translated by Becky Beetz.

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