Italy reaches 15.9 GW cumulative PV capacity

15. October 2012 | Top News, Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Markets & Trends | By:  Becky Beetz

Italy has a cumulative photovoltaic capacity of 15.9 GW, according to Italian network agency, GSE. However, just €241 million is left in the country’s solar subsidy coffers.

Italy solar photovoltaic plant conergy

Italy has awarded €645.9 billion in solar subsidies to date.

Italy has grown to become the second largest photovoltaic market, with an installed capacity of 15.93 GW of photovoltaics, or 448,266 plants. To date, the country has channeled a total of €6.386 billion into the industry in the form of subsidies.

A further 2,961 plants worth 672.25 MW are currently in the register and will receive €71.8 million in subsidies. Thus, Italy has awarded €6.459 billion in solar subsidies, meaning just €241.32 million is available under the Conto Energia V.

On August 27, Italy’s newest Conto Energia, or renewable energy law came into play. At the time, many predicted that the €700 million made available under it would run out sooner than expected, with some believing that the coffers could be empty as early as Q1 2013.

According to GSE, under the Conto Energia V, 238 BIPV plants with innovative features worth 1.9 MW have been awarded €482,043 of solar subsidies; one CPV plant, worth 981 kW has been awarded €142,507; 102 plants which replaced an asbestos roof worth 1.6 MW have received €291,032; and 3,199 rooftop systems worth 14.2 MW have received €2.4 million.

Under the first register, in which all other plants must apply for a tariff, and which made €140 million in subsidies available, 682 photovoltaic plants worth 320 MW have been approved for €25.2 million of subsidies. A further 2,938 plants worth 645.6 MW, that are not yet in service, are set to receive €65.2 million.

Once the funding limit of €6.7 billion is reached, Italy will no longer pay out subsidies to photovoltaic plants.

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