LDK breaks ground on new polysilicon manufacturing facility

01. November 2011 | Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends, Products | By:  Becky Stuart

LDK Solar today held a ground breaking ceremony for its new 30,000 metric ton (MT) polysilicon manufacturing facility in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. The company believes "strong" polysilicon demand will be seen in 2014 "and beyond".

LDK Solar branding

LDK is looking to position itself as a leading polysilicon producer. Image: LDK Solar.

Currently, the company has an annual polysilicon production capacity of 17,000 MT. By mid-2012, this is expected to be ramped up to 25,000 MT, mainly through debottlenecking and hydrochlorination projects at its two plants, Mahong and Xiacun, which are located in the Jiangxi Province of China.

Once the new facility is online, LDK Silicon says it expects to have a total polysilicon production capacity of 55,000 MT annually by the end of 2013. Its aim is to become "one of the largest and most competitive polysilicon manufacturers in the global market."

"With access to the vastly available and competitively priced energy and other resources in Inner Mongolia, the new Hohhot facility will help to further lower the competitive manufacturing cost structure of LDK Silicon," stated Goran Bye, president and CEO of LDK Silicon.

He continued, "Additionally, the facility will help address the expected strong growth in global demand for polysilicon in 2014 and beyond, and further strengthen the global leadership position of our parent, LDK Solar, in the PV industry."

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