Lightsource acquires 6.5 MW UK farm site

24. May 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Max Hall

Renewables company Lightsource Renewable Energy acquires 6.3 MW Solarcentury PV park.

The sheep and llama farm in Truro that Lightsource is developing.

UK farmers are turning towards solar plants as a means of diversifying income in the face of an increasingly harsh climate.

UK solar company Lightsource Renewable Energy has acquired a 6.3 MW solar project in Southampton from developer Solarcentury.

The 35-acre site has 25,632 JA Solar panels mounted on Hilti frames at Chalcroft Farm in the West End area of the South Coast city.

The project – the first developed by Solarcentury – is an example of the diversification being pursued by hard-pressed UK farmers to hedge against increasingly erratic weather patterns.

Solarcentury will conduct operations and maintenance for two years before handing over the duties to Lightsource.

Lightsource announced last month that it was developing an 11 MW solar plant in St Allen, near Truro in Cornwall being built over 60 acres of a sheep and llama farm.

The farmland projects are just one part of a solar portfolio which Lightsource claims amounts to 133 MW in the first quarter of the year, around a third of the 350 MW announced in the UK from January to March this year.

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