Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier bolsters German module manufacturers

18. January 2013 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Michael Forst, Europressedienst Bonn

The German Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier attended the World Future Energy Summit this year.

German Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier.

German Minister of Environment Peter Altmaier has backed the EU anti-dumping investigation against Chinese solar module manufacturers.

Altmaier made clear he considers the anti-dumping lawsuit of the European Commission against Chinese dumping as legitimate.

"The proceeding at the EU Commission has been controversial from the beginning. There are German companies, too, which profit from the Chinese solar boom, especially the mechanical engineering companies. They fear it could harm the relations with Chinese companies.

"And some German suppliers and component manufacturers, like Wacker Chemie for example, oppose such a proceeding as well," the minister told Europressedienst.

"Nevertheless, my point of view was, and still is, that the German solar industry should have the opportunity for an impartial review of the accusations. Particularly, because a similar process was already conducted in the United States."

The procedure has already been opened. From Altmaier's perspective, it is largely formalized. Therefore, the chances of political influence are rather low. The decision of the European Commission is expected in July.

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