New York powers ahead with PV installations

11. April 2012 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets | By:  Becky Stuart

According to New York’s Mayor, the city has tripled the amount of solar energy generated following the completion of 10 new photovoltaic systems. A total of 648 kilowatts (kW) is now installed in the U.S. metropolis.

New York skyline

New York is embracing solar energy.

Michael Bloomberg made the announcement on Easter Monday, and stated that the city now generates enough solar energy to power 143 households and cut 205 metric tons of carbon emissions. The 10 projects saw photovoltaic panels, worth a total of 428 kW, being installed on city-owned buildings across five boroughs.

The project sites included police and fire departments, educational complexes and governmental buildings. Funding came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants distributed through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

"We are thrilled to announce the installation of 10 new solar photovoltaic systems throughout the City, roughly tripling the solar capacity installed on City facilities," commented Commissioner Edna Wells Handy. "We applaud the extraordinary efforts of the solar host agencies – Police, Fire, Sanitation, and Transportation – and recognize the support of our other governmental partners."

In related news, Mayor Bloomberg also announced a new program, titled "Reinvent Green", which will launch this summer and aims to "spur the development of digital tools that empower New Yorkers to engage in sustainable practices".

"In clean tech, New York City is leading by example and the solar projects we’ve completed will generate clean, affordable energy while cutting our carbon emissions and energy costs – goals that are central to our Administration’s sustainability agenda, PlaNYC," said Mayor Bloomberg. "We’re also committed to tapping into the power of the private sector and with the success of startups like Efficiency 2.0, we are making our city the place to be for innovation."

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