Ontario: PV projects worth 27.5 MW approved

06. July 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends, Global PV markets | By:  Becky Stuart

Feed-in tariffs for six new large-scale photovoltaic projects totaling 27.5 megawatts (MW) have been secured in Ontario this week.

Ontario flag

27.5 MW of photovoltaics will be installed in Ontario over the next three years under the Bruce to Milton reinforcement project. Image: Flickr/Disposable Dreams.

Through the Canadian state’s current Feed-in Tariff program - introduced in 2009 - a total of 25 solar and wind projects have received the go ahead. Overall, they are expected to generate enough power for 280,000 homes, help attract CAD$3 billion in new private sector investment and create around 5,000 employment opportunities.

Tim Butters from the Ontario Power Authority tells pv magazine that the 27.5 MW of photovoltaics will be comprised of six projects - five ground-mount and one rooftop - which will range in size from two to 10 MW. He adds that they are required to come into commercial operation within the next three years.

The projects are broken down as follows:

  • RE Adelaide 1, a four MW ground mounted system to be installed in Strathroy
  • RE Sunningdale 1, a seven MW ground mounted system to be installed in Thorndale
  • RE Adelaide 1a, a 2.5 MW ground mounted system to be installed in Strathroy
  • RE Adelaide 1b, a two MW ground mounted system to be installed in Strathroy
  • Silvercreek Solar Park, a 10 MW ground mounted system to be installed in Aylmer
  • Ruby Farms Solar One, a two MW rooftop system to be installed in Strathroy

The Bruce to Milton reinforcement project - said to be one of several projects that Hydro One is undertaking to meet Ontario’s needs - is expected to realize all 25 renewable energy systems.

The Canadian Solar Industries Association has welcomed the move, stating that it signals the Ontario Government’s commitment to support renewable energy.

"We are all working towards showing Ontario’s renewable energy plan is stable so investors continue to see a terrific opportunity in the province," commented Elizabeth McDonald, CanSIA president.

"This sort of clear and supportive direction from the government is essential. Today’s announcement of new large-scale renewable energy projects that support some 27.5 megawatts of solar energy west of London is a terrific example of how Ontario’s support for renewable energy is long term."

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