Panama aims to support solar energy

03. May 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Investor news, Markets & Trends | By:  Blanca Diaz Lopez

The Central American country is gearing up to approve a regulation, which aims to support solar energy installations.

Panama flag

Currently, a 2.4 MW solar park with investment from Enel Green Power is being built in Panama.

A bill aimed at introducing a solar support mechanism in Panama was passed at a cabinet meeting held by the country’s government on Tuesday. No specific details on the "regime of incentives" were revealed, however.

In a statement released by the government, Panama’s secretary of Energy, Vicente Prescott, said that the goal is for solar energy to compensate for a decrease in the use of fossil fuels. It should also support parts of the population that don’t have access to commercial energy sources.

In 2008, Panama introduced a net metering regulation for renewable energy. Currently, a 2.4 MW solar park with investment from Enel Green Power is being built in the country.

The country has difficulties in energy generation, due partly to the delay in the rain season and its effects on the production of hydropower, which accounts for around half of Panama’s energy mix.

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Gordon Stogre

Monday, 19.05.2014 22:21

I've done a bit of on-line research, but can't find any solar PV resellers /installers. Does anyone know of any functioning companies in that business?

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