Poland: 2 new solar farms to be installed

27. August 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Jaroslaw Adamowski

Two new solar farms are to be set up in Rzędów and Legnica, both in Poland, according to various reports in the Polish media.

Poland solar photovoltaic plant 1 MW

Poland's first photovoltaic plant was recently completed.

Renewable energy company, Termo-Klima MK intends to install new solar, wind energy and bioenergy plants in Rzędów, in the country’s southeast, reported Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, citing Marek Kaczmarek, Mayor of Tuczępy municipality.

An investment of over PLN 300 million (around €73.2 million) will be made in the 3 facilities, which are expected to have a capacity of approximately 40 MW. The plants will be located on a 10,000 square meter site.

Work is slated to commence in September 2013 and be completed about 2 years later, according to Gazeta Wyborcza.

Meanwhile, local renewable business, Solar Park Kostomłoty plans to install a solar farm in Legnica, in Poland’s southwest, according to Polish business daily, Puls Biznesu.

"The investor proposed to build a solar farm in [Legnica]. Recently, we submitted a few possible locations to the company. We are waiting for the investor’s decision," Mayor of Legnica Tadeusz Krzakowski told the newspaper.

Solar Park Kostomłoty is reportedly looking for a 8,000 square meter site for the planned solar project, but did not disclose the amount of its investment.

Watch out for the October edition of pv magazine, which will feature an update on the Polish photovoltaic market.

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