President Obama comments on SolarWorld petition

03. November 2011 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets, Trade cases | By:  Jonathan Gifford

U.S. President Barak Obama has dipped into the debate surrounding the SolarWorld-sponsored "trade case" it, along with an unnamed coalition of U.S. manufacturers, has filed against Chinese manufacturers.

President Obama on the phone.

President Obama has said that action will be tacken if dumping of photovoltaic modules by Chinese companies is proven. image: flickr/nasa hq photo.

In an interview aired on November 1 in Portland, Oregon, President Obama was asked about the SolarWorld trade petition. Responding, Obama said that the case would be carefully investigated and action taken if rules have been violated.

"We have seen a lot of questionable competitive practices coming out of China when it comes to the clean energy space, and I have been more aggressive than previous administrations in enforcing our trade laws."

Seizing on the remarks, Gordon Brinser, president of Oregon-based SolarWorld Industries America, said that the Presidnet’s remarks validated the company’s concerns. "The President acknowledged there are a considerable number of questionable trade practices, including dumping, coming out of China," Brinser said.

SolarWorld is the largest solar manufacturer in the U.S. It has formed a coalition of six other manufacturing companies called the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing.

The petition was filed on October 19 and argues that Chinese manufacturers have made "significant and pervasive violations" of anti-dumping trade regulations.

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coupon pitara from New York USA

Wednesday, 07.09.2016 13:21

Great an interview aired on November 1 in Portland, Oregon, President Obama was asked about the SolarWorld petition. coupon

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