Q-Cells announces 91 MW PV project

03. November 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Top News | By:  Becky Stuart

Q-Cells has begun work on what it says is Europe’s largest photovoltaic park. Located near Berlin, Germany, the 91 megawatt (MW) project is expected to supply energy to around 22,500 households.

Q-Cells 46 MWp Zerbst solar park

Q-Cells has been involved in a number of other larger solar projects in Germany this year, including the 46 MWp Zerbst system. Image: Q-Cells.

The German solar company is building the project across approximately 200 hectares, on a former military airbase. Having received all the required permits for its construction, it has now been sold to two investors, Luxcara and MCG.

Overall, the project will comprise three solar parks and around 383,000 Q-Cells crystalline solar modules. According to the company, the whole 91 MW will be online in around eight weeks.

In a statement, it said, "In a record time of approximately eight weeks, the three solar parks are planned to be completed by the end of 2011 and connected to public grid via a transformer station built by Q-Cells especially for the purpose."

Construction is already underway on the first two parks - Brandenburg-Briest West and Brandenburg-Briest Ost - which will comprise 60 MW when complete. They have been bought by Hamburg investment company, Luxcara.

Meanwhile, the remaining 31 MW, which have been acquired by the MCG Group in Berlin, have been under construction since mid-October. The park is located in the Briest - Havelsee district.

Over the past year, MCG has acquired a number of photovoltaic plants from Q-Cells with a total investment volume of more than €100 million.

Q-Cells has also been involved in a number of other larger solar projects in Germany this year, including the 82 MW Finsterwalde project, the 46 MWp Zerbst system and the 21 MWp solar park in Ammerland.

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