Q.Cells completes 91 MW PV park financing

25. April 2012 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

The insolvent Q.Cells has finalized all work on what it says is Europe’s largest photovoltaic park. Located in Germany’s Brandenburg, the final financial installment has been paid for the 91 megawatt (MW) project.

82 MW Finsterwalde solar photovoltaic project.

Q-Cells has been involved in a number of other larger solar projects in Germany this year, including the 82 MW Finsterwalde project.

Overall, the German company says the Brandenburg-Briest project, co-developed with Module 24, took a total of eight weeks to construct (work began last November and was finished before the end of the year). Following the final financial installment from an unnamed bank, the commercial part of the project has also now been completed.   

Overall, the project is comprised of three systems, which are expected to generate enough electricity for over 22,500 households. The first two – Brandenburg-Briest West and Brandenburg-Briest East – are worth a total of 60 MWp. Ownership was transferred to Hamburg asset management company, Luxcara last November. The final system, owned by Berlin-based MCG Management Capital Group, is worth 31 MWp.

"Q.Cells sets benchmarks when it comes to constructing large-scale plants, for example by deploying the megawatt-block standard that we had developed," commented Frank Danielzik, director systems and operations Germany.

"We are very pleased by this lighthouse project to have demonstrated our experience and outstanding competence in the systems business," added Clemens Jargon, head of marketing, sales and product management.

Q-Cells has also been involved in a number of other larger solar projects in Germany this year, including the 82 MW Finsterwalde project, the 46 MWp Zerbst system and the 21 MWp solar park in Ammerland.

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