Roth & Rau sells off CTF subsidiary

25. August 2011 | Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Becky Stuart

Roth & Rau has sold its Roth & Rau CTF Solar GmbH (CTF) subsidiary off to an unidentified Chinese manufacturer. The financial sum was not disclosed.

Roth & Rau building with photovoltaics

Roth & Rau is turning away from the production of CdTe thin film photovoltaic modules. Image: Roth & Rau.

As part of its realignment strategy, the German manufacturer, which was recently taken over by Meyer Burger, has strengthened its focus on the single equipment business by turning away from cadmium telluride-based (CdTe) thin film module manufacturing.

CEO Dietmar Roth announced back in April that he believed the turnkey business was in decline. In an interview for the company’s Annual Report 2010 he stated, "We have gone through a significant learning curve and we certainly made mistakes at some points. But in my opinion, the most important fact is that the market for turnkey production lines has changed fundamentally."

Roth & Rau has also sold a coating system for the deposition of cadmium sulphide and cadmium telluride absorber films to the unnamed investor, which has reportedly ordered an 80 megawatt CdTe production line. It will be delivered in the third quarter of 2012.

In a statement, the German manufacturer said, "Roth & Rau will subsequently accompany the project through the ramp-up stage and in its further technological development." It is scheduled for completion by mid-2013.

If all goes well with the pilot project, a further four coating systems will be supplied.

CEO Roth added that a key focus for the future will be on coating equipment. "Cadmium telluride coating represents the key component in the production of cadmium telluride solar modules. To date, we are the only company in the world to offer this equipment and are thus superbly positioned to benefit from growth in the cadmium telluride market," he said. "We have already agreed a long-term cooperation with the acquirer of CTF."

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