Swinerton selected for 250 MW K Road Moapa project

14. January 2013 | Applications & Installations, Markets & Trends | By:  Jonathan Gifford

Swinterton Renewable Energy has announced that it has been awarded the EPC contract for the K Road Moapa solar plant. The company claims it is the first large-scale solar project on tribal land. It will have a capacity of 250 MW.

A signpost near the Moapa tribal land.

Swinerton has won the contract for 250 MW of the Moapa project.

The K Road Moapa Solar project is not only significant for its size. The U.S. Department of the Interior granted approval for the project in June 2012, in collaboration with the local Moapa Band of Paiute Indians.

The initial approval for the Moapa solar plant was for a 350 MW array, so presumably the 250 MW that Swinerton has won the bid for is one part of the larger plant. K Road previously indicated that construction on the project would begin in 2012, however now Swinerton says that it will break ground in June 2013, with initial work commencing immediately.

Swinerton will also operate and maintain the solar plant for ten years, "with a performance generation guarantee," the company announced in its statement.

The K Road Moapa Solar Project is on Moapa Paiutes’ Tribal land, 30 miles northeast of Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada. The electricity it generates will be used by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power under a 25-year supply contract.

"We have immense respect for K Road Power and a long history of partnering with tribal reservations on construction projects," said George Hershman, Division Manager for Swinerton Renewable Energy, in a statement announcing the contract win. "We believe that we share common values and goals and look forward to providing direct and indirect employment opportunities for tribal members, and to producing clean power to benefit the Moapa Tribe as soon as possible."

The plant will be built in stages, with the first delivering electricity as soon as May 2014.

Swinerton has built approximately 185 MW of utility scale solar in the U.S. and Canada. K Road is developing a large portfolio of utility scale projects, with financial partner Barclays Natural Resource Investments

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