Taiwan increases PV target to 130 MW; decreases tariffs

30. November 2012 | Markets & Trends, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger/Wenjing Feng

The Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced that it will increase its PV installation goal from 100 to 130 MW in 2013. Tariffs will however fall.

Taiwan increases its PV goal from 100 MW to 130 MW and seeks to expand its PV industry.

The Bureau has stated that the government would decrease the tariffs by 9.23 to 11.88% for different systems in the first half of 2013.

In the first half of the year, tariffs between NT$6.33 (US$0.2179) and NT$8.40 (US$0.2892) per kWh for rooftop PV systems would be provided. Ground-mounted PV systems will receive NT$5.98 (US$0.2059).

Despite the decrease in tariffs, the numbers are still higher than the power generated by Taipower, Taiwan Cogeneration Corp and other IPPs. The average cost lies at NT$2.47/kWh for power generated by these sources.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that there will be further decreases in the second half of the year. Rooftop systems will be given between NT$5.98 (US$0.2059) and NT$8.18 (US$0.2816) per kWh and ground-mounted systems can expect NT$5.62/kWh (US$0.1935).

The government has also drafted a three-point action plan to aid the Taiwanese PV manufacturing industry's expansion into overseas markets. The plan will center around the provision of business, consulting, and marketing services as well as the assisting local firms identify distribution channels and partners. If everything proceeds as expected, the overall exports from Taiwan's PV sector is forecast to increase 10% annually.

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