Thai FITs for further 1 GW of solar

19. July 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Investor news, Markets & Trends, Top News | By:  Max Hall

Thai government announces FIT rates for 200 MW of rooftop solar and 800 MW of community-owned ground mounts. Systems will pay rates over 25, rather than previous ten, years and rooftops must be installed by December.

A PV installation in Thailand.

The Thai government has revealed plans for FIT payments to drive a further 1 GW of PV in the country.

The Thai government has announced plans for another 1 GW of solar PV, including 200 MW of rooftop installations by December.

Thailand's National Energy Policy Commission (NEPC) has approved FIT rates for 1 GW of rooftop and community owned PV, with the new FIT payments guaranteed over a 25-year period, rather than the previous 10 years.

Taking its national solar target to 3 GW with the announcement on Tuesday, FITs will be paid to 100 MW of rooftop installations up to 10 kW in size with a further 100 MW allowance for systems in the 10-250 kW and 250 kW-1 MW brackets.

The smaller systems will be paid THB6.69/kW (US$0.22/kW) over 25 years with mid size rooftops earning THB6.55/kW and the largest domestic systems guaranteed THB6.16/kW. To qualify, rooftop systems have to be installed by December.

The government also announced a varying FIT rate for 800 MW of ground-mounted, community owned solar, to be allocated as 1 MW per tambon, or local government sub district.

The community FIT rate is also for 25 years but will have a built-in regression with systems earning BHT9.75/kW for years one to three, BHT6.5/kW in years four to ten and BHT4.5/kW for years eleven to 25. To qualify, the community systems must be installed by December 2014.

The national Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is drafting the implementation regulations for the legislation.

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