Turkey: More PV details emerge

15. April 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Markets & Trends | By:  Edgar Meza

Turkey is poised to become one of the third largest PV markets in the Middle East over the next five years, with 1.7 GW of unlicensed commercial-scale projects set to be installed through 2018, according to further details released by Canada-based ClearSky Advisors.

Turkey solar photovoltaic plant

Turkey is poised to become one of the third largest PV markets in the Middle East over the next five years.

As reported last Thursday, 2013 is expected to be a pivotal year for the Turkish solar industry, as the country’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority gears up to distribute PV production licenses for projects larger than 1 MW.

According to further information released by ClearSky, Turkey is set to approve 600 MW of licensed utility-scale projects this year alone, with more than six GW of projects expected to apply for production licenses. Bidding is scheduled to start in June.

Furthermore, 1.7 GW of unlicensed commercial-scale projects are forecast to be installed through 2018. There are currently 250 unlicensed projects awaiting approval from the Turkish Electricity Distribution Company (TEDAS).

As reported last week, projects under 1 MW are not required to obtain a production license in Turkey and some 70 MW of new PV capacity is expected to be added this year via such projects.

Strong competition among EPC firms has resulted in low installed costs in the fast-growing market. Installed costs for unlicensed projects range from $1.56/W to $2.01/W, depending on project size. Meanwhile, Turkey’s feed-in tariffs for solar energy, approved in 2010 for a ten-year period, are set at $0.133/kWh.

The growing market is also certain to boost domestic PV module manufacturing. The increased tariffs awarded to licensed projects that use equipment manufactured in Turkey has maintained a high demand for domestic content modules.

Eight PV module manufacturing plants are currently operating in Turkey with a total manufacturing capacity of 306 MW per year. Turkish modules are currently being sold at a premium of 54 to 81% over modules manufactured in China.

Edited by Becky Beetz.

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