US’ first utility scale CIS solar project on track

29. June 2011 | Top News, Applications & Installations, Industry & Suppliers | By:  Becky Stuart

juwi solar Inc. is gearing up to construct the U.S.’s first utility scale ground-mount CIS (copper, indium and selenium) solar plant. It is scheduled for completion at the end of 2011.

Solar Frontier's new gigawatt-scale manufacturing plant in Japan

The CIS modules will be manufactured at Solar Frontier's new gigawatt-scale manufacturing plant. Image: Solar Frontier.

Although juwi could not disclose exactly where the 3.8 megawatt project will be located, which utility company is involved, or how much is being invested in the project, a spokesperson for the company did tell pv magazine that the project has been fully approved and is "ready to proceed with construction" in the northeast of the U.S.

They added: "A regulated utility will own the solar power plant and its energy output, as well as all associated environmental attributes. The system installed will be connected directly into the electric grid. There is no PPA."

Solar Frontier has been selected to supply the CIS modules. Overall, the juwi spokesperson says that 30,000 will be used in the project. They will be manufactured at Solar Frontier’s new gigawatt-scale manufacturing plant, Kunitomi, in Miyazaki, Japan. When the system is complete, it will be the Japanese company’s largest North American installation to date.

"Achieving this milestone project immediately after opening our gigawatt-scale factory in Japan highlights the commercial attraction of our CIS modules," commented Greg Ashley, COO of Solar Frontier Americas.

Michael Martin, managing director at JSI added: "(…) Solar Frontier’s CIS technology will allow us to deliver a low cost of energy and long-term, reliable energy production for this project and its long-term owner."

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