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Shoals Technologies Group awarded 17.5 MW racking contract at Fort Huachuca army base

Delegates and officials break ground on the Fort Huachuca solar array.

The group will partner with American Helios Constructors to complete the project, which is part of the largest army base in the country.

EU fossil fuel reserves dwindling, according to report

Gasometer, La Plaine, Saint-Denis, France

Disputed U.K. university report claims to illustrate just how dependent on Russia EU member states are. Anglia Ruskin research says France has less than a year's domestic reserves of oil, coal and gas left.

China targets 70 GW of solar by 2017

China has announced plans to triple its installed solar capacity to 70 GW by 2017.

The country has announced plans to triple solar capacity within three years. Renewables ambitions also include a 150 GW target for wind power by 2017.

Canadian Solar stockpiles cash and inventory

Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu insists his company is in good health, blaming falling figures on a 'seasonally slow quarter.'

CEO Shawn Qu says the company has hoarded cash and inventory during a seasonally slow period to reap the benefits when demand rises again. The high-profile CEO will continue to focus on downstream projects.

Deadline passes for anti dumping responses

India's Ministry of Commerce reportedly has until Thursday to decide whether to call for anti dumping duties on panels from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the US which it has found were dumped in the country in 2012 and 2013.

There was no comment from India's Ministry of Commerce today as a reported deadline for responses to its anti dumping finding passed. The Ministry has until Thursday to decide whether to call for anti dumping subsidies.

Outsourcing PV panel production growing trend among manufacturers

Trina Solar PV panel production

Fueled by increasing market demand and efforts by manufacturers to reduce costs, the trend to outsource module production is on the rise among leading global players, says GlobalData.

Australia to launch anti-dumping investigation against Chinese PV manufacturers

Sydney Harbour

Falling prices and increased competition from China is making business tough for local PV producers, yet they've also spurred PV development while offsetting incentive cutbacks.

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