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SMA braces for hefty drop in revenue

SMA inverter

Executives at German inverter manufacturer SMA have said that second quarter revenue will likely fall from €429 million a year ago to between €240 million and €280 million. The company continues to grapple with decreased demand,...

Intersolar Europe: tariffs to hit hard as questionable strategies emerge

Intersolar Europe 2013

Chinese companies are employing strategies to circumvent anti-dumping tariffs, such as exporting products to Croatia, according to industry sources at Intersolar Europe.

ET Solar completes 50 MW of new PV in Romania

ET Solar PV plant Romania

ET Solar Group has completed construction on three photovoltaic solar parks in Romania with a combined capacity of 28 MW. The company has installed a total of 50 MW in Romania so far this year -- an increase for the country of 48...

Martifer Solar builds 5 MWp plant in Ukraine

Martifer Solar Poroji PV plant

Martifer Solar is building a 5 MWp plant in Ukraine, the third photovoltaic facility it has constructed for Rengy Development. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is funding the project.

Cupertino Electric builds 30 MW projects in California

Cupertino Electric projects in Huron, California.

The U.S.-based solar installation company Cupertino recently completed two utility-scale solar generation projects totaling 30 MW in Huron, California. The plants are part of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's ambitious 500 MW...

Florida showcase for solar tech advances

The Stars and Stripes.

PV specialists conference looks at developments in thin film technology, new storage solutions and takes a bright outlook for the future of solar.

ABB expresses faith in solar

ABB Building

Maxine Ghavi, ABB’s head of solar business, says the company is open for growth opportunities in the solar sector if it makes strategic sense, adding that the global market is expected to grow more than 10% in the coming years.

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