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Norway: New chairman offers hope for REC

REC's Heroya facility in Norway.

A typically horrendous set of fourth-quarter and full year figures from Norwegian solar manufacturer Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) was enough to see off chairman Jens Ulltveit-Moe. HIs replacement, Mimi K Berdal told pv...

Greece: Tender announced for 50 MW PV park

Rendering of PPC Renewables' 50 MW proposed photovoltaic park.

PPC Renewables has announced three tenders for a 50 MW photovoltaic project in Greece. If the park is completed by this October, it will secure a tariff of €0.392/kWh.

US: More solar, less PV savings?

A solar rooftop installation in New Jersey.

A report into the electricity bill savings available from residential photovoltaics in the U.S. has come up with some surprising conclusions. For instance, the more solar penetrates the energy mix, the lower the savings available...

EU complaints lodged against Greece’s retroactive renewable energy tax

Greek flag

Greece-based Metaxas and Associates Law Firm has lodged two complaints with the European Commission against the retroactive taxes applied to renewable energy systems in Greece. Meanwhile, rumors abound that the Greek government...

Spanish associations to start legal action against PV FIT decreases

Spain solar photovoltaic park Solarpack

Four renewable energy associations in Spain have joined forces to oppose implementation of the Spanish government’s new decree, which "retroactively aggravates initial investment conditions" for developers of photovoltaic...

Germany: PV storage subsidies expected in May

The new subsidies for battery storage systems will apply retroactively to all photovoltaic systems installed this year and have a maximum capacity of 30 kW. The German Environment Ministry and KfW state bank have not made any...

Photowatt to manufacture all PV modules in France


Photowatt parent company, EDF, has announced it will invest €10 million in the establishment of a new 75 MW photovoltaic module manufacturing line in France, in order to bring production back to Europe. Exisiting facilities will...

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