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Dispute over arbitration location causes stumbling block for PV projects in Egypt

Great Sphinx of Giza Pyramid of Menkaure. Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Mstyslav Chernov.

A dispute has emerged between the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and international lenders and developers over the arbitration venue for PV projects that are being developed in the country, which could lead to delays...

$8 billion hit for Spanish PV generators

The Congress of Deputies building in Madrid.

Spain's PV industry body UNEF says generators will lose a fifth of the payments they could have expected from 2010 to 2020. The reductions are part of the Madrid government's determination to reduce renewables subsidies.

A roadmap to lower soft costs


The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a plan to slash the soft costs of solar by 2020. The new reports focuses on the non-hardware costs of residential and small commercial projects, but makes no mention of company profits.

Conergy negotiates with potential investors

German solar solutions provider Conergy is currently in negotiations with seven potential investors from Asia and Europe for the takeover of its Conergy SolarModule facility in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. Employees...

PV for 70,000 Tanzanian households


The African Development Bank has approved $50 million of funding for solar and geothermal investment in the African country. Ten remote rural districts will benefit from off-grid PV installation.

Singapore: Housing Development Board calls largest solar-leasing tender

The Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore is currently drawing up plans for the largest single solar-leasing project to date. The tender calls for 5MW in total in four precints on the main island.

US investor Kawa to save 350 jobs at Conergy

U.S.-based financial investor Kawa Capital Management will be taking over Conergy sales and service units in Germany, Italy, the U.K. and Australia. This acquisition is expected to secure 350 jobs.

US: SunShot's $1/W target for 2020 unlikely to be met

According to analysts at Lux Research, the SunShot program's target of "$1/W installed by 2020" set by the U.S. Department of Energy will probably not be met. Installation prices today are still two to four times the target.

New solar cell structure sets record

A new world record efficiency for solar sunlight conversion has been set by a cell structure with four solar sub-cells. The solar cell has managed to hit a new record efficiency of 44.7% and is the brainchild of researchers from...

Singapore's largest rooftop PV system underway

Turnkey services provider Phoenix Solar will develop a 1.2 MWp rooftop installation for CMM Marketing Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sheng Siong, the third largest supermarket chain in Singapore.

India: 4 GW power plant project launched

The Indian power plant.

The Indian government has announced plans to build the world’s biggest solar power plant, in the Rajasthan province. While huge, at 4 GW in total capacity, the project’s timeline is a long one.

Construction begins at First Solar’s Solar Gen 2

The Antelope Valley - generic photo.

First Solar has commenced construction at its third project in California’s Imperial Valley. The 150 MW Solar Gen 2 project is expected to be completed by July 2014.

Wirsol starts 'largest solar park in the Caribbean'

A 64 MW scheme in the Dominican Republic is the country's first solar park. German developer Wirsol said the Republic's president personally selected it to plan the project in Monte Plato province.

Three solar farms for West Virginia


Solar projects in Alderson, Fayetteville and Crawley are expected to total up to 40 MW of generation capacity. Solar Thin Films has signed a $124 million-$160 million deal to build the projects.

The good times are back for solar

Yingli solar manufacture.

IHS analysis of first half module shipments show a strong rebound in global demand. But analysts warn the boom seen so far this year will slow in the current quarter.

South Carolina plans largest solar farm

Colleton County courthouse.

A 3 MW project in Colleton County will be used as a test bed for incorporating solar into the grid. The scheme has been backed by the state's largest utility, transmission company and consumer-owned electricity co-operatives.

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