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EU energy subsidies: EUR 40 billion for renewables

European Commission

A new European Commission report finds that solar power costs between EUR 100 to EUR 115 per megawatt hour, on par with nuclear and natural gas. Electricity from coal remains the cheapest at around EUR 75/MWh.

PV contribution reaches 6% in Germany

Germany 31.5 MW solar photovoltaic Park

The share of solar power in Germany’s energy mix has risen 50% on the back of increased photovoltaic installation activity and a high number of sunshine hours. Overall, the contribution of renewable energy in the country grew in...

PV on the campaign trail Down Under

A sunrise in Australia.

New residential solar market research in Australia was released yesterday, challenging the oft-repeated claim that photovoltaic support programs like FITs are "middle class welfare," and are taken up by middle or upper income...

China: LDK partners with coal producer; appoints new CEO

LDK Solar branding China

China-based LDK Solar has, according to reports, entered into a partnership with state-owned coal producer China Pingmei Shenma Group under which it will develop photovoltaic projects in China’s Henan province. The company has...

Solar exit costs Siemens €250 million

Siemens branding HQ Munich Germany

Siemens' exit from the photovoltaics and solar thermal industry is expected to cost the electronics giant €250 million this year. Since 2009, the Munich-based company has invested around €800 million in its solar business.

SunPower’s Q3 loss exceeds expectations


California based vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturer SunPower has posted a GAAP net loss for the third quarter (Q3) 2012 of US$48.5 million. Sales fell eight percent, to $649 million, from $651 million in the second...

Interview: "The future of PV has just begun"

A CEO from China, talking with animated hands.

JA Solar’s CEO, Peng Fang supports the goal of 300 GW/a globally by 2025. pv magazine talked to Fang in Singapore about his views on the bright future for photovoltaics.

US: 13.2% annual solar jobs growth

A large scale PV park in the US.

Figures released today by the Solar Foundation show that while job growth remains slow in much of the U.S. economy, the solar industry continues to shine – with 13.2% annual growth in the last year. The figures were measured in a...

Croatia ups PV quota

Croatia 5.1 MW solar photovoltaic Kamenica farm

The Croatian government has voted to increase the existing quota for photovoltaic capacity eligible for feed-in tariffs (FITs) from 15 MW to 45 MW in 2013. Overall, it expects to meet its 2020 quota of 45 MW of installed capacity...

First Solar reduces 2012 net sales guidance; ups EPS forecast

First Solar thin film photovoltaic

First Solar Inc. has reported its Q3 financial results. By all accounts, the thin film photovoltaic manufacturer recorded a positive quarter, leading it to up its FY EPS guidance. Net sales guidance has been slightly lowered,...

Siemens will significantly scale PV inverter business back

Siemens Munich HQ

A spokesperson has told pv magazine Siemens will "significantly" scale its inverter business back in 2013, due to the weakening demand for photovoltaic components. Meanwhile, the company has provided two reasons for its solar...

International agreement intended to kick off Desertec

Morocco flag

According to media reports, five countries are looking to push ahead with the Desertec initiative. This month, a letter of intent is expected to be signed. Meanwhile, RWE is said to be planning to build a solar and wind farm in...

China launches EU polysilicon anti-dumping investigation

Polysilicon solar photovoltaic

According to reports, China’s Ministry of Commerce has launched an investigation into European imports of solar grade polysilicon.

Germany considers keeping EEG

Phllip Rösler.

The German Liberals and Monopolies Commission have come out in favor of a photovoltaic quota system, instead of the current EEG. However, Free Democratic Party (FDP) leader, Philipp Rösler, and the German Cabinet have rejected...

Indonesia set to challenge Thailand in PV stakes

A solar photovoltaic park in Thailand.

Indonesia, with its thousands of scattered islands and consequent off-grid photovoltaics demand, is set to challenge the traditional dominance of Thailand in the South East Asian region over the next four years, according to a...

UK Energy Bill could be put back

A windfarm at Whitelee, Scotland.

The U.K. government's controversial Energy Bill, which was expected to be debated in Parliament on Monday November 5, is likely to be delayed until later in the month following the furore that erupted yesterday between the...

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