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Ulrich Speisshofer, CEO of ABB.

Here we are again, everything you could possibly need to know about this week in solar shoe-horned into one handy email. Those of you old enough can think of it as a sun-drenched That Was The Week That Was.

US military to spend $1.8 billion on clean energy by 2025, with 'net zero' results

US flag

U.S. military spending on renewable energy programs, including conservation measures, is expected to increase steadily over the next 12 years, reaching almost US$1.8 billion in 2025.

PV stabilization phase predicted in 2013

Solar photovoltaic module

Rewards in the form of "strong" market gains await those photovoltaic module manufacturers that survive 2013, states NPD Solarbuzz. It adds that 2012 end-market demand for product is unlikely to reach 2011’s record levels....

China: Aleo terminates avim solar module production

aleo solar HQ Germany

Aleo solar AG has announced the termination of its avim solar production Co. Ltd. joint venture (JV) in China. The decision has affected 246 employees.

Renewables only energy source to offer price reductions

Solar photovoltaic panels

Renewables, led by photovoltaics, are the only options for energy price reductions in the future, says the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC). In addition to calculating how many GWs of photovoltaics could have...

Solar inverter plant opens in South Africa

AEG new Protect PV630 solar photovoltaic inverters

Netherlands-based power equipment supplier, 3W Power/AEG Power Solutions, has officially inaugurated its new solar inverter manufacturing facility in South Africa.

Meyer Burger announces 303 Watt PV module

Meyer Burger HQ Switzerland

Using just 60 solar cells, Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has created a 303 W photovoltaic module in production conditions. "Significant" cost reductions are expected to follow.

Air Liquide unveils new solar R&D lab

Air Liquide

Air Liquide has inaugurated its new R&D lab in France. Via a solar cell pilot manufacturing line, the company aims to speed-up the introduction of next generation passivation and light trapping technologies.

Centrosolar: Rumors of an Asian investor intensify

Centrosolar HQ Germany

According to media reports, the entrance of an Asian investor into Germany-based Centrosolar AG is imminent, following the decision of two of Centrosolar’s board of directors to sell their entire share packages over the counter.

Austria stops tariffs for PV systems over 500 kWp

Austria solar photovoltaic rooftop system

Austria’s government has unveiled a new Green Energy Act, under which feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic plants over 500 kWp have been removed. Meanwhile, a new support structure has been devised for building integrated and rooftop...

Australia: 90% renewable target set for Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has unveiled a plan this week that sets the goal that 90% of its energy needs will be provided by renewable energy, by 2020. The key pillars to the plan are solar, wind and energy...

Renewables in UK to rival thermal power by 2025

The British flag.

A new report, released today, has concluded that the cumulative installed capacity of renewable energy plants will reach 79 GW by 2025, only 2 GW less than the predicted installed capacity of traditional thermal plants.

Bulgaria: Up to 39% retroactive grid fee for PV operators

Bulgaria 1.2 MW solar photovoltaic project

The Bulgarian state regulator has introduced a retroactive renewable energy grid fee. Under the new rules, photovoltaic operators will have to pay back up to 39% of their feed-in tariffs (FITs). While the fee is supposed to be...

Italy closes first PV register

Italy solar photovoltaic park

At midnight, registration for Italy’s first photovoltaic register under the Conto Energia V expired. GSE is scheduled to publish the list of projects eligible for a feed-in tariff (FIT) in October.

French Government plans FIT phase out

France solar photovoltaic rooftop system

To further develop photovoltaic power in France, the new French government has recommended a change from the current feed-in tariff (FIT) system, available for systems up to 100 kWp, to an auction system.

India: Demand for RECs expected to rocket by 2016

India solar photovoltaic park

Despite only 5 of India's solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) being traded when the solar offsetting mechanism started this May, consulting firm Bridge to India has predicted some 480 million RECs will be changing hands by...

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