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Smart and AC module market to grow nine-fold by 2020

GTM Research predicts that integrated smart and AC modules will not only benefit from growth in the larger module-level power electronics market, but will gain a larger share of that market over the next five years.

Online tool for system planning

Refusol will present at the Intersolar its new online tool for optimal planning of PV systems.

Charging the future

Charging the future is the new theme behind Akasol’s new smart lithium-ion energy storage unit, the neeoQube.

Fully integrated system

Eltek presents the Theia HE-es, a fully integrated energy storage system to enable users to use the energy they generate from renewable sources at times when they need.

Stable deep cycles

Gildemeister presents the CellCube FB 200-400, an energy storage and management system based on the Vanadium Redox Flow Technology.

Self-consumption solutions

The INGETEAM SMART HOUSE platform will be showcased at the Intersolar Europe.

Together with Knut, the storage solution

Knubix introduces the intelligent storage solution, the Knut.

The power packet

Neovoltaic has developed the storage solution, the neoStore.

Storing excess

Power-One will be presenting its prototype energy storage system that consists of a 4.6 kW single-phase grid connected Power-One inverter and a lithium-ion battery providing 2kWh of useable capacity

Multifunctional inverter concept

Q3 Energieelektronik has developed the Q_BEE energy storage solution with a modular lithium-ion battery system.

A myriad of solutions

SMA will be presenting more than one new product at the Intersolar Europe this year: the SMA Smart Home, the SMA Fuel Save Solution and turnkey system solutions for PV power plants.

A new storage solution and a new module

As part of its package deals, Centrosolar is offering the Cenpac Storage Li, a comprehensive energy storage system that contains modules, inverters, a mounting system and a storage battery.

Making optimal use of your own power

Solarwatt introduces the SOLARWATT Energy solution which encompasses lithium batteries.

Multifunctional inverter concept

Q3 Energieelektronik has developed the Q_BEE energy storage solution with a modular lithium-ion battery system.

A cooled design

OutBack Power will be showcasing their FLEXmax Extreme, a sealed, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller at the Intersolar Europe.

PV wafer production forecast to grow 19% in 2013

Wafers Oregon DOT

After falling 15% in 2012, photovoltaic wafer production is expected to grow 19% this year, passing 30 GW and reaching 2011 levels, due in large part to growing Japanese demand, according to the latest NPD Solarbuzz Polysilicon...

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