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Finnish scientists claim leaf-like polymer coating can deliver 17% solar cell output increase

By applying this leaf-like structure to solar cells, reflection is reduced, thereby increasing energy output.

Physicists at the University of Oulu have developed a nano surface that mimics the structure of plant leaves and can, they claim, increase the output of solar cells by 17%.

Sonnen receives a further USD 85 investment

Sonnenbatterie storage management system. Image by Sonnen.

The German company announced that it has secured USD 85 million in growth capital, some of which came from two new partners, which will help the company consolidate its healthy position further in the booming energy storage...

IEA set to raise solar forecast

Combined solar and wind project. Image by Tom Baerwald Solarpraxis.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is due to release its annual report in a couple of weeks, and the agency has said that it will be "significantly" raising its outlook for solar and wind installations, as more countries have...

ECCC report: Energy storage can be revolutionary for the UK

Battery solar storage system. Image by Solarpraxis' Andreas Schlegel.

The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee (ECCC) will release its final report on 15 October, which will highlight the importance of energy storage and demand-side technologies for the future energy transition, and can offer...

Enabling policies and better grid integration needed to boost renewables

Solar and wind combined. Image by Tom Baerwald Solarpraxis.

This was the message coming out of the 23rd World Energy Congress being held in Istanbul, as renewable energy industry leaders lauded the achievements of the industry, but were quick to point out the hard work that was needed to...

4 GW module shipment landmark passed by Solar Frontier

Image: Solar Frontier

Japanese module manufacturer Solar Frontier has completed over 4 GW of module shipments to its customers, which are situated in 60 countries across the world, as it continues to develop its technology and expand its capacity.

Hanwha Q Cells places laser tool order with InnoLas

The InnoLas Solutions ILS-TT rotary table laser machine is in situ at Hanwha Q Cells' R&D facility in Germany, and will enable the South Korean solar company to continue its work on developing premium solar cells.

The Korean solar module developer has received InnoLas' ILS-TT laser machine for its R&D facilities located in Germany.

Perovskite breakthrough may fast-track new solar PV technology

NREL researchers with solutions of all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots, showing intense photoluminescence when illuminated with UV light. Image: NREL

Just over a year after Australian cleantech company Dyesol claimed to have achieved efficiency levels of 10 per cent in its perovskite solar cells, US researchers claim to have topped that, with a breakthrough that could also...

Clean Energy Live: UK energy minister gives no clues where UK energy is heading

Clean Energy Live 2016. Image by Ilias Tsagas.

The U.K.'s energy minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe disappointed yesterday when addressing the Clean Energy Live show that is taking place in Birmingham, England. Apart from the usual political jargon, her speech offered no clues...

Sono Motors ready for prototype stage of solar car

Sono Motors' Sion car. Image: Sono Motors

The German company has managed to generate EUR 230,000 (USD 257,000) through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, which has enabled it to initiate the prototype stage for its innovative Sion car that is fitted with integrated solar...

REC achieves +20% efficiency for mass production of multicrystalline solar cells

REC TwinPeak series.

The Norwegian solar developer has developed a formula to mass-produce its multicrystalline cells at average efficiencies of 20.21%, becoming the first known manufacturer to achieve such numbers.

Canadian PM Trudeau proposes significant prices to be put on carbon emissions

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Flickr image by Alex Guibord.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set out a plan to put a CAD 10 (USD 7.6) per tonne price on all carbon pollution by 2018, which would then rise to CAD 50 per tonne by 2022, as he shows a stern resolve to tackle climate change head...

The pv magazine weekly news digest:

A tough week of tariff cuts and bankruptcies for the solar industry, although a few success stories from California, India and the Middle East serve to lighten the mood. The strange story of a potential lifeline for SunEdison, as...

HPQ's Purevap process for transforming quartz into solar grade metal exceeds expectation during first test

First nuggets of high purity silicon metal produced using the Purevap process. Image by PyroGenesis Canada.

The innovative process that transforms quartz into solar grade metal in one-step is being developed by PyroGenesis Canada, and has achieved encouraging purity levels as high as 99.97% during the first series of testing.

Google solar project wins UN climate solutions award

Google-led Project Sunroof. Image by Google.

Project Sunroof, an initiative led by Google, has been announced as one of 13 winners of the United Nations 'Momentum for Change' climate change award, by enabling tens of millions of Americans to evaluate the solar potential of...

European researchers achieve 17.8 percent perovskite/CIGS mini module

perovskite CIGS module

Scientists from three research groups in Germany and Belgium have produced a perovskite/CIGS PV mini module with a conversion efficiency of 17.8%. The result marks the first time that the efficiency of a perovskite/CIGS stack PV...

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